How does the weather affect our hair?

Weather affects all hair types, extremes of hot and cold bring different challenges. All hair types dehydrate far more quickly if not managed.

Weather extremes can compound this:  A Cold temperature increases the risk of breakage when styling, whilst artificial “central” heating systems have the same “frizzing” affect created by Summer holiday heat.

Morrocanoil’s Frizz Control is my clients’ Winter secret styling weapon, I use it to give that high polish luxe finish that stands up well to the elements both natural and man-made.


What other factors in the winter have an effect on the state of our hair?

Indoor heating, and the cumulative effect of us going indoors and outdoors creating a continual hot/cold blast.  These are all moisture drainers and on afro hair, drier at source to begin with, they have a big impact.

Naturally, more frequent heat styling in the winter as a result of rain, wind and snow all sap vital moisture, that unless replaces can leave hair brittle and unmanageable by season end.

Scalp treatments are an excellent addition to the Winter hair health routine, and the anti-oxidant rich Morrocanoil Oily Scalp Treatment really invests in overall condition right at the source.


Scientifically what happens to our hair cuticles in winter? How can we prevent this from happening?

Cuticles in need of moisture stripped by cold and by heating systems become brittle.  They tend to be raised, open and exposed to the elements.

It’s important to constantly re-hydrate the hair and use the right product to seal the cuticle pre-styling so that they lie flat – it’ll show dramatically in the finish and polish achievable, because the hair becomes easier to style and the weight in the product will help it last too.

Sealing cuticles with the right product is the most important habit to acquire. Moroccanoil Hydrating Cream is great for taming fly aways. A good barrel brush and as little heat as possible in styling help too.

What can we do to help repair the damage done?


Ultimately this is a story of constant re-hydration and consistently investing in the overall condition of seasonal moisture-losing  for all hair types.  Commit to a weekly high potency conditioning treatment and don’t skimp.

The ingredient levels are crucial to achieve a real boost.  The Morrocanoil Restorative mask is high performance and will improve texture, elasticity, shine and manageability with regular use, crucial for damaged or coloured hair.  The Morrocanoil Hydrating Mask with generous high performance Argan oil has hair revival qualities you’ll see instantly in the finish you achieve, especially in colder temperatures.

Top tip for healthy winter hair?

Water.  Lots of it.  Whatever you drink a day, increase by a glass. It remains the best and most basic contribution to hydrating hair.

Don’t over wash the hair, allow natural oils to produce, and at the treatment step to every winter wash. A great wet and dry re-hydrator and frizz tamer daily is a tiny amount of Morrocanoil Original Treatment Oil run through from roots to ends – easy to do on the go too.

This has been a game changer and changed the way we use oil in hair – as a hydrator, styler and overall contributor to hair health and condition.  It’s the multi-fixer – particularly in winter.