Be a step ahead of everyone else with perfect nails from Bio Sculpture Gel – the original Everlasting Manicure.  Celebrities and fans alike are discovering the benefits of the unique gel formula.


How it works

Unlike other finishes that chip or peel, Bio Sculpture is a durable Gel available in 150 colours, that is applied as an overlay or “coating” onto your natural nails by a qualified nail technician.

The Gel is then cured under LED or UV lamp, which dries it instantly guaranteeing no smudges and no waiting around.  You are left with a permanent colour gel that is strong and flexible, with a glossy finish, which lasts for three weeks.   Should you wish to change the colour, you can choose from one of the 150 different colour nail polishes available and apply it over the top of the permanent colour gel.  The polishes can easily be removed with non-acetone nail polish remover taking you back to your permanent gel colour.

Your gel will last three to four weeks, after which time the new nail growth will start to show and you will need an infill or alternatively you can soak it off and have a fresh set of gels applied.  The gel is thin, strong and allows your nails to have the flexibility they need to carry out all your daily duties.  Bio Sculpture Gel contains no Formaldehyde, Toluene, Acetone and Phthalates and will give you a natural looking finish without damaging the natural nail underneath.

Advantages of Bio Sculpture Gel


  • Over 150 beautiful colours – including delicate shimmers, French Manicure and Glitter Gels
  • Time factor – it dries instantly under LED and UV lamp, also great for toenails
  • Sculptures – nails can be lengthened with gel sculptures that are strong and flexible
  • Reliability – permanent nail colour that will not chip or lift if correctly applied
  • Flexibility – change your nail colour by simply applying one of the colour varnishes over the top of your gel
  • Long lasting – well groomed nails for up to three weeks, saving you time and money
  • Removal – soaks off in just 15 minutes with no damage to your natural nails
  • Satisfaction – there is nothing more satisfying than glancing at your hands and seeing a perfect manicure

Bio Sculpture provides long wearing, chip-proof nails making it perfect for those going on holiday.  it enables your toes to go from daytime on the beach and in the sea, through to evening in either summer sandals or stilettos, without having to touch up you colour. Each season exciting new colours are launched.

Bio Sculpture Gel is a simple nail treatment with incredible results and with all its health and grooming benefits is a very worthwhile treatment for your nails!

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