Dr Gowri Motha is the ultimate A list pregnancy guru. Her clientele reads like the guest list at the hottest celebrity bash. Elle McPherson, Madonna, Stella McCartney, Sam Taylor Wood, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss have all worked with Gowri to either get pregnant and or enjoy a happy pregnancy and birth experience. An experienced medical doctor, Gowri uses the best of the West and the East for a wonderful healthy pregnancy and birth, delivering a calm baby.


“My babies are blissed out because of the Gowri touch.” Stella McCartney

stellaGowri has helped many women to conceive with a programme that includes Creative Healing fertility massage techniques, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle modifications and Reflexology.  This is especially useful for women with unexplained fertility issues.

The waterbirth was amazing, it was a dark room with very few distractions, I gave birth to  a beautiful baby in a peaceful environment. The birth went extremely smoothly and Cy took only four hours to make his debut. I felt very relaxed and didn’t have any painkillers or epidural for the birth. But I did have my wonderful Indian obstetrician, Dr Gowri Motha, who did Reflexology and looked after me. It was a very natural birth and recovery is very rapid when you have no drugs in your system. When you are fit relaxed and happy that helps too.”

Elle Macpherson

“I have had two of my babies under Gowri’s nurturing care. During each pregnancy I learnt so much about how to look after myself andelle the baby inside me.Our last baby was born at home with Gowri present.  It was a dream birth for us, everything we had discussed and hoped for.The main idea I learnt was that with confidence, knowledge and understanding we can believe and trust in our body’s ability to give birth.”

Sam Taylor Wood


gabby“There is an intelligence behind Gowri’s advice that fills me with confidence”

Gabby Logan, The Times


“I have had two of my babies under Gowri’s nurturing care. During each pregnancy I learnt so much about how to look after myself and the baby inside me. Our last baby was born at home with Gowri present , it was a dream birth for us, everything we had discussed and hoped for.  The main idea I learnt was that with confidence, knowledge and understanding we can believe and trust in our bodies ability to give birth.”

Sam Taylor Wood


“It’s a privilege to attend the labours of women who have been prepared and assisted by Gowri and to celebrate the birth of their babies who have been welcomed and lovingly nurtured throughout pregnancy. I can vouch for the Gentle Birth Method.”

Famoubaby in baths obstetrician Dr Yehudi Gordon

Born in Sri Lanka and raised in South India by her mother and her doctor father, she was immersed in conventional medicine as well as complementary therapies from a very early age.

When Gowri initially trained as a doctor she believed that conventional medicine was the way forward in obstetrics. However, whilst working as an obstetrician in London, she found that, in reality, obstetrics was a form of crisis management, dealing with the mother’s problems once she was in labour. She saw women struggling to give birth, unable to deal with the demands of labour, in shock and unhappy with their birthing experience.

As a doctor Gowri helped these women, as much as she could, but she thought that there must be another way – a way of mentally and physically preparing a mother for labour, so that these crises did not happen and they could give birth in a manageable, natural and nurturing way.

Having spent 12 years as an obstetrician in a conventional hospital in London, Gowri began investigating the alternative therapies that had been part of her life so long ago.

She started a support group for women who had been coming to the medical fertility clinic for five years. They had failed to get pregnant using early IVF, but the power of the social support they received was immense and 60% became pregnant!

Dr Gowri was the first doctor to do a water birth in a London hospital. She also set up a class teaching expectant mothers visualisation, mental relaxation and hypnosis.

She also discovered that women with celiac disease enjoy much shorter labour times than women who eat bread during pregnancy. She therefore started advocating wheat free pregnancy diets and

She became an expert in these therapies and, by mixing the best of the conventional, with the best of the alternative, she created the Gentle Birth Method in 1987.

The aim of the Gentle Birth Method is to make expectant mothers BIRTHFIT (over and above being medically normal). BIRTHFIT means that the mother:

  • Is physically fit and supple at term
  • Is confident and emotionally in control
  • Is capable of meeting the demands of birth
  • Knows and understands how to manage labour
  • Understands that giving birth is a normal human function

By being BIRTHFIT you have the optimal chance of having a Gentle Birth, something that most expectant parents dream of.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Dr Motha brings together the best of conventional and alternative medicine. The fact that she is an experienced medical doctor, helps her clients feel confident in her abilities, and her success rate speaks for itself. Clients know that Gowri will use the best of the West and the best of the East in order to help them have a wonderful healthy pregnancy and birth, which then results in a calm baby.


  • Preparing for pregnancy
  • Fertility enhancement
  • How to enjoy a healthy symptom free, energetic pregnancy




  • How to improve your fertility (diet etc)
  • 5 signs that your system is not in balance e.g. Flushed skin, dry skin, dry hair
  • Candida, the bacteria you didn’t know you had
  • Top tips for pregnant women at work
  • The food you should really avoid when pregnant eg gluten, white carbs
  • Why you should avoid eating white carbs whilst pregnant.
  • What to eat after the birth? Your two week programme


The Gentle Birth Method: The Month-by-Month Jeyarani Way Programme, Dr. Gowri Motha

Childbirth guru Dr Gowri Motha, who practises with Dr Yehudi Gordon – author of Birth and Beyond – shows women how her revolutionary method helps women carry the baby to full term, have less intervention in the birth; feel less pain in labour, and feel happy and in control.

• The Gentle Birth method is a concise pregnancy programme combining diverse therapies such as ‘creative healing’ massage, a simple diet, self-hypnosis, reflexology and affirmation techniques

• The method was created by Dr Gowri Motha as an alternative to conventional obstetric practise, when she became alarmed at the increasing number of women needing intervention during their births. It teaches expectant mothers how to train their bodies and minds in order to reduce or prevent complications during pregnancy and labour.

• This book outlines the Method, with a month-by-month programme explaining how to rebalance the body and tailor it to the optimum condition for the birthing process. It includes guides to treating problems such as:

– back pain

– nausea

– heartburn

– fluid retention

– stretch marks

• The programme offers women a formal framework in which to prepare their bodies and so avoid facing a labour that is unnecessarily long, arduous and traumatic, with significantly lower uptakes of pain relief.

Gentle First Year: The Essential Guide to Mother and Baby Wellbeing in the First Twelve Months Dr. Gowri Motha (Author), Karen Swan MacLeod (Author)

Dr Motha is one the UK’s most respected obstetricians, working in holistic practice alongside Dr Yehudi Gordon.   Her Gentle Birth Method has been hugely popular with celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow. Now she helps mothers in the first year after birth bond with their child and give them the best start in life.

A book that takes new parents month by month through the first weeks after birth – with detailed information on the health of mother and baby – and progresses to the end of the first year. Covering everything from colic and sleepless nights to your relationship with your partner, the book is a practical and emotionally reassuring guide to help you bond with your new child.

It contains:

• the first weeks: the idea of creating a gentle passage into the world for the child and how to ensure good bonding is discussed

• the health of your baby and toddler. From early days of breast feeding and helping your baby to sleep to introducing first foods and coping with early childhood ailments

• the health of the mother: everything from episiotomy scarring to misaligned pelvises, insomnia and baby blues. Gowri introduces special massage and yoga techniques

• the growing child: stage-by-stage development and introducing useful toys and books

• family relationships: fathers and siblings, and grandparents.