Draped in Harris tweed, with Highland stags and thistles carved into the wood panels and a hushed but relaxed ambience, the Blythswood Hotel and Spa is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Glasgow’s city centre.

An oasis of calm and luxury, this hotel should be nestled into the Perthshire countryside and not slap bang in the centre of the urban capital of cool.

But there it is… so if you have yet to discover this top hotel, then it’s time to see what all the fuss is about.

The rooms are more like suites – with James Bond-esque sliding panels to reveal the bath tub for two and beautifully designed bathroom.

So for a while we are like a couple of children testing out the sliding panels, taking pictures peaking over the massive bath and checking out the mini-bar.

With six little ones at home between us, this kind of luxury and ‘getting away from it all’ feel is just what we need for a weekend of chill and relaxation.

As all parents away from the daily ‘tea, bath and bed’ routine; it may just be Friday at 4pm but we’re heading to the bar for gin n tonics and are catapulted into a world where people are drinking cocktails and bottles of wine. What? At just after school-run time… really?

It’s all quite noisy though and as two forty-somethings, Andrew and I ask if there is a quieter bar where the music isn’t quite so loud.

Oh yes, really. We did ask this.

And that’s when it hits you; life as parents is all-consuming most of the time, you just aren’t used to getting out and being in pubs and bars like other people.

Days gone by, I would have been asking them to put the music up as my friends were pulling me off the table… seriously. And now I am asking if there is a quieter bar. Oh dear.

We forget but getting some time out and away from the normal routine is essential to recharging the batteries – and Blythswood Hotel and Spa offers this in spades.

Dinner in the restaurant is busy and the food delicious; and while we have planned to go dancing afterwards, the thought of an undisturbed night is just too much of a draw and we head to bed and sleep so soundly we miss Andrew’s spa treatment.

But of course, we don’t miss mine and I am treated to an amazing ishga treatment, which begins with a foot massage with salts – and soon I am transported to a land that time forgot. It takes relaxation to another level and I emerge, chilled as a cucumber and relaxed to the point of being horizontal…