If you do this properly, you have your finger firmly on the pulse for summer. Brush lights are sooo beast, boss, lush – you name it, the look is it. Even for us mums. Just look at how easy this would be to keep. It’s a keeper for us.brush lights

Ozden Kurtur and Emrah Demirci are the Insta-famous hairdressers behind this trend. And we’re going bonkers for it apparently. Well the world is.

All it is, is lightening the ends of your hair Рask your hairdresser.

Hair and beauty expert Adele Key, of Adele Key Hair, says: “This is an easy look to achieve.

“Ask your hairdresser to give you this¬†type of ombre, because that’s what it is; it’s just an updated version. It’s more subtle and natural and people are catching on.

Bloggers have been quick to jump on the brush-lights bandwagon, with the likes of Huda Beauty creating her own video tutorials to demonstrate how to achieve the Instagram-worthy look at home.