me no make-upELAINE HUNTER – CEO and Editor

I can’t thank you guys, our readers, enough for logging on and checking what’s in our webmag – we are in our fourth year now and our numbers are still growing.

Just a little bit about me… I have been a national newspaper journalist and magazine editor for more than 20 years; writing on beauty, health and family issues before launching this webmag –

I am based in Scotland but have worked in London and America. (The Express in London, the Daily Record, the Scotsman, the Sunday Herald, Sunday Business and the Sun.)

I have four amazing children, all under 13, Murray, Fin, Fraser and Em – which is why I know all about being a mummy. I know how it feels to have to juggle all the kids and still find time to paint your nails. Sometimes, you just need to feel like a girl again. We all have that.

But as the site has evolved, it’s not just mums who like our site – as we have always said: You don’t have to be a mummy, you just have to be yummy.

I want women from all walks of life to enjoy the beauty products out there – and want real reviews from real women.

So get in touch –