I’m Susie Jones a 35 years old beauty junkie and mum to a seven-month-old boy… 

Susan Posnick Color Eye Define – smokey quartz liner/rose quartz shadow 

I am rarely without some kind of eye make-up and usually favour a subtle smokey-eyed look, even for day time.

I tend to go for warm colours like browns, coppers and golds and with a dark brown or black smudged liner and normally use several different powders from different compacts which can be messy.

As a busy mum, any product that is multipurpose and therefore time-saving is always going to be worth a try. This pencil is a 2 in 1 product and features a pale pink (with a hint of lilac) self dispensing powder at one end inside the cap with a smudged  tip applicator and on the other end a cleverly shaped angled eye liner  in a dark grey shade.

I used it over the lid area after I had applied a neutral base shadow as I think this would help it last longer. I found these complementary colours flattered my green eyes. I’m not sure how long the powder  inside the cap would last but the applicator could still be used and  the angled liner was easy to apply in a thin or thicker line.

I found  it had reasonably good staying power throughout the day. All in all, a  neat little product for pretty eyes in super quick time. I liked the soft semi matte finish of the shadow. Besides, I hear shades of grey are all the rage at the moment.