dr edHello Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself as the new cosmetic advisor and expert to at yummymummybeauty.

I am the founder and Medical Director of EA Clinic (99 Harley Street) a centre for non surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures based in Harley St.


(www.eaclinic.co.uk;INSTAGRAM: eaclinic  FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/EAClinicLondon)

I will be here to answer all your questions and offer advice about all your problems in the often confusing world of cosmetic procedures.

So, if you have any questions on skin issues, bikini bodies, muffin tops, mummy tummies, facial lines, age spots etc then, I am the person to ask. I really look forward to banishing the myths and helping you all. My ethos is simple – I want patients to be well advised and based on many years of experience I am in a position to do this.

At our clinic we provide a one-stop centre of excellence for medical facials, anti wrinkle injections, lasering, weight loss management, Vaser liposuction, hair loss solutions and so much more.

Offering these treatments to clients, locally, nationally and internationally permits me and my team a wide experience and insight into the wants and needs of people all around the world and the potential outcomes. At the EA Clinic we aim to set new standards not follow existing ones.

I hope that I will interest, enthrall and educate all of you and you will become avid readers of this beauty facecolumn.

I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you all on your personal journeys.

In my first column, I’ll be talking about cosmetic injectables covering anti wrinkle injections, more commonly known as Botox and dermal fillers; what these are and when you should consider them as options.


Dr Ed Anthony

Dr Ed Anthony is a world renowned cosmetic doctor and hair transplant surgeon. He is one of the foremost Vaser liposuction surgeons in the UK and has years of experience and prolific numbers in the bodysculpting field. He has written and published articles and book chapters on scarring and tissue engineering. His skills are highly sought after the world over and he is an advocate for increased transparency in the cosmetic surgery industry.

In his spare time, he is an avid tennis player and is always looking for Wimbledon tickets especially if friends and family like to give them away. He is married with two children, aged two and four and lives in London close to the River Thames.

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