Let Cosmetics Fairy work its magic

Cheap make-up from big name brands? Yes please! These days everyone is looking for a way to cut back on the old spending. Whether it’s nixing your addiction to new shoes, or being savvy when shopping around for clothes, it’s wise to keep your eyes peeled for good discount shops and websites.

Discount all too often conjures up visions of cheap, nasty products that are barely worth the small amount you’re shelling out for. And buying cheap cosmetics and make-up can be fraught with problems in general. Unfamiliar brands seem suspect and you can never be sure exactly what ingredients you’re subjecting your face to – never a great idea!

Thank goodness then that there are sites out there that genuinely do have amazing products at great prices! Cosmetics Fairy is a discount online retailer of cosmetics, skincare, makeup and hair products and stock all the familiar high street brands, including Maybelline, Bourjois, Urban Decay, Benefit, Rimmel, Collection 2000, Boots No.7, Avon and many, many more.

Prices start from as little as 39p and Cosmetics Fairy has an extensive collection of products for just 99p. Free shipping starts at orders of £10 and more, which means you can literally buy 10 quality products of branded makeup, delivered directly to your door for a tiny £10!

The range is magical, with new products added on a weekly basis and the customer service is second to none, with swift, safe delivery of your goodies on offer. Definitely worth checking out – let Cosmetics Fairy shake a little fairy dust over your makeup collection!