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Steve King

New Year – NEW FACE!

I finally had the opportunity to try a Chemical Peel – I know it sounds drastic – but I have discovered a fabulous affordable treatment from the folks at Medica Forte – it’s called The Perfect Peel – and I have to say the name fits because the results are, well, in a word, PERFECT!

Id heard on the celeb grapevine about this treatment and so what else was I supposed to do, but join the club and have one done!

My skin has taken a pounding over the years and as many of my regulars know I do love basking in the sun. I also had concerns about those horrible very fine lines that seemed to be appearing on a daily basis. But I need not worry anymore.

I visited the lovely Kelly Saynor, who along with her husband Justin have brought the Perfect Peel to the UK from its native home in Beverly Hills, California. What this lady doesnt know about skincare, isnt worth knowing. Shes been in the business for over 12 years and if she says something’s good, then you know youre onto a winner.

Now for the scientific bit, The Perfect Peel is the first peel in the world to premiere Glutathione and along with perfectly blendedacids, vitamins and minerals, it ranks top among professionally applied medium peels. Most people stop producing their own glutathione around age 40, which makes our bodies less able to fight off toxins. Glutathione also penetrates deep into the cellular level of the skin to fight oxidant damage and is the most current anti-aging answer to premature wrinkling.

Peel pic1 Peel 2 PEEL 3The Perfect Peel is pretty much suitable for all skin types, colours and skin tones and has had some superb results with those folks suffering from acne and associated scarring. Its also great because it requires no pre-peel preparation (some peels need you to follow a complicated skin regime for weeks prior to treatment).

So my Perfect Peel Diary goes some thing like this:

Day 1 – I had the Perfect Peel Solution applied to my face. (see pic on far right) The process took no more than 15 minutes and almost immediately I felt my skin warming. I didnt find this unpleasant or painful in the slightest, although I was definitely aware of the solution on my skin.

My face felt very tight and looked shiny as I drove home. My eldest claimed I looked like a tomato, but I really don’t think it was quite that dramatic.

Day 2 – I had no issues. My skin did look, how can I put it, almost as if I had had a little too much sun. At this stage I washed my face and applied the special lotion provided as part of the treatment.

Day 3 – I can see my skin preparing to peel, I looked like I was approaching 60 – lol, during late afternoon peeling begins and I have to say I am fairly excited. (See pic on left)

Day 4 – I woke up like this! (See pic on right) The little one couldnt stop staring and in all honesty, neither could I. I felt like a snake shedding its skin. It really was quite a dramatic sight and i could see the new skin underneath. It did feel a little tender, but nothing bad.

Day 5 – The skin that had began peeling yesterday was almost all gone. Areas around my eyes and nose were still peeling and scale-like, but with the frequent application of moisturiser I was even able to attend our eldests Parent’s Evening.

Day 6 – Feeling almost at the finish line. Areas to the side of my nose are red and very sensitive. Applied copious amounts of moisturiser and some Savlon to calm this down.

Day 7 – IPERFECTLY PEELED – and totally back to normal – albeit it with fresh, tight, glowing skin – and I actually believe somewhere in the process I shed numerous little lines around my eyes – result!

So would I recommend this treatment – errr YES, YES, YES!

Im told, depending on your skin concerns, you can have this treatment up to four times a year, with at least a month’s gap in-between, although for me, I would probably opt for a twice a year fix to boost the way my skin looks and feels.

I have to say Im delighted with the results. 

For more information and to find out which medical professionals offer this treatment in your area visit – www.theperfectpeel.co.uk and follow them on Twitter – @ThePerfectPeel