I love mine. Stretch marks. Four of them run like little seams on the lower part of my tummy. One for every child I have. Without these marks, scars, blemishes on the skin, whatever you want to call them; I wouldn’t be who I am if they weren’t there. They represent what makes me whole. And that’s my children.

I started having children at the age of 37 and so feel extremely blessed to have had four. My mother, who passed away last year, also had four children and had lots of stretch marks as I remember. But again they didn’t cause her too much of a problem. She wasn’t part of the era of looking after your pregnant tummy the way mums-to-be are these days. (But she had a lovely little slim figure and was still able to wear a bikini after her four babies; and so wore her stretch marks proudly).

I cleansed, exfoliated, moisturised all the time – and yes I did use Bio-Oil as part of that regime. And despite being pregnant for 36 months – I only have four little lines. So it’s worth using and looking after your tummy.

And my favourite scar is to be found on my knee – years of falling off bikes, out of trees, from walls when I was a child. I always seemed to land on the same point on one particular knee. And now my oldest son has one in the exact same place – as he always seems to fall on that particular knee too. It just reminds me of hot sunny days spent in the garden with my parents and sisters.

So while scars can be unsightly at times, they are like a road map of where we’ve been and reflect how our journey was – always reminding us that no matter what has happened in our lives, we have the ability to heal and move forward. We are great creatures.