It’s almost upon us… the clock is ticking but you can chill out as we have done all the hard work for you. Get on line or down the shops pronto if you want Father’s Day to be filled with one of our top recommendations from this special Gift Guide. Why not treat the man in your life to one of these great products and show him how special he really is – go on – you know he wants SOMETHING from this must-have list of Father’s Day Grooming Goodies.m

CLINIQUE Chemistry Cologne, 100ml, £43

Oh it’s a sexy beast, is this…  it’s subtle, understated and perfect for any guy who wants a fragrance which works with individual body chemistry. It’s designed to scent skin with a warm, sensual mix of Jamaican ginger, citrus and amber.

Clinique say: It’s as unique as the man who wears it”. And they are 100% correct. It’s a timeless classic and perfect for day or evening.

STOCKISTS: or selected department stores nationwide.



L’OCCITANE Shaving Tradition Set, £109

I know this is expensive, but the man in your life will ADORE this. It’s from a-time-gone-by when shaving was an art form.

L’Occitane have cleverly re-introduced a bygone era with a modern update. this is the ULTIMATE shaving set. It has a shaving soap held in an authentic shaving bowl for a traditional shave.

On contact with the Plisson (the Rolls Royce of brishes BTW) Shaving Brush, the soap produces a rich lather – perfect for a gentle shave. It includes: Plisson Shaving Brush; Shaving Bowl with Cade Shaving Soap.


DISTINCTIVE WASH Amber & Sandalwood Soap Powder, £12.99

This is a gift you will love and it MIGHT or rather IT WILL encourage any guy to get on with the laundry – even if it is only his own. It’s the perfect gift – with a purpose for Father’s Day.

Okay so it’s a washing powder – but not just any washing powder. Distinctive is a designer label safe, biological washing powder with a distinctly masculine scent, suitable for mixed loads.

It is designer label safe because it doesn’t contain optical brighteners, the bleaching and reflective agents that make your whites whiter but cause fading on darker fabrics, resulting in artificial ageing of clothes.

The addition of a protease enzyme gives deep down cleaning and superior rinsing, resulting in a far superior wash to a non-bio product. It is designed to achieve optimum wash results at environmentally low temperatures of 30 and 40 degrees. So you can throw in a mixed load of fabrics types and colours, switch the machine on and go… FOOLPROOF! STOCKISTS:



Young Free & Tingle or Get’s You Clean Like Rehab Can’t Shower Gels, £2.79

Oh you will love this recent discovery of mine – in fact the ENTIRE range is amazing – so check it out!

But if the kids want to get dad something little or your a bit low on the readies, then you can’t look further than the Manatomicals range.

They are perfect products packing an amazing punch for little price. I don’t know how they make something SO good so inexpensive.

Make sure you check out the back of the packaging as the witty info and little tales are reason alone to buy the stuff! STOCKISTS: Boots & Waitrose.


BODY FIX KIT Price, £39.95

Get firm, toned + buffed bodies this summer with this new Body Fix Kit. The great kit comes already gift wrapped with ribbon and black wrapping paper. (TOTAL BONUS BTW)

The ideal set to help banish beer bellies, tone the biceps + firm the pecs in time for the beach, this gift wrapped kit contains three sculpting products for bodies in need of a helping hand.

Body Fit Kit contains: • Ab Fix (100ml) works to firm the abs with a combination of powerful actives including the smoothing + slimming Gemmoslim dsigned to retexture + tighten the skin around the ab area. • Pec Fix (100ml) is a minimising + sculpting gel to help pump-up the pecs by contouring, toning + reducing the appearance of excess fat. • Bicep Fix (100ml) targets the upper arms with smoothing – ingredient laracare. The bicep area is enhanced + skin appears smoother + more toned after use. Perfect for a fitness fanatic or for bodies in need of a boost, this kit is your summer essential in one! STOCKISTS:

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