Laura Davidson, travel editor, columnist and journalist, is mum to three-year-old Hannah and two-year-old Lucy.

Juggling work with a turbo-charged toddler and an energetic pre-schooler isn’t always easy but she’s still determined to look more yummy mummy than slummy mummy. Here’s how she’s been getting on this month…


Well, the big 4-OH has landed. And do you know what? I’m embracing every single second.
Sure, I have a few more wrinkles around my eyes and I require a helluva lot more concealer than I did 10 years ago, but reaching this ripe old age has left me realise one thing – how lucky I am.

In my day job as a writer of human interest stories for newspapers and magazines, I feel privileged when people tell me about their battles against adversity.

In this past month I’ve spoken to one woman who is facing secondary breast cancer at just 42, not knowing whether she’ll live long enough to see her children grow up.

And just last night I sat down with a group of four tight-knit school friends who said goodbye to their fifth musketeer two months ago when she passed away after a fight with cervical cancer. She was only 29. Instead of moaning about the advancing years, we should be embracing them. And I for one plan to do exactly that.

In two days, I’m off to Amsterdam for the weekend with three of my besties to celebrate our 40th year. I won’t be moaning about the extra pounds I want to shift or the fact that my derriere now sits several centimetres south from where is used to.

We’ll eat, we’ll drink and we’ll laugh. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? And one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the way my eyes light up whenever a new beauty treat makes it into my bathroom cabinet.


So, back to that concealer. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect under-eye camouflage and I’m totally in love with my new discovery from Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (£22, gives perhaps the most flawless finish I’ve found in a concealer. It comes in seven shades. Mine is Ginger, which I’ve found is perfect for hiding dark circles with its tones that are perfect for sallow skin. It also covers up a little broken thread vein that I hate on my cheek. There’s a luminous finish to this product, and on those less-than-luminous days I’ll take all the help I can get.

Another new brand I’ve discovered is Pure Lochside, a range of face and body products created by aromatherapist Fiona Tutte.
Her therapeutic skincare range has a uniquely Scottish accent. Organic Scottish oats are the key ingredients in her best-selling exfoliator, Organic Orange Skin Refiner. And in her popular line of Calm and Soothe oils and balms, you’ll find Scottish-grown high-altitude lavender and Highland pine.

The Soothe Discovery Set (£45.50, is a great introduction to the range, featuring 15ml sizes of Organic Orange Cleansing Oil, Orange and Echinacea Toner and Soothe Daily Face Oil. Makes a gorgeous gift … if you can bear to part with it yourself.

My hair has been getting a treat this month in the shape of US brand R+CoAir’s Bel Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner.
Available exclusively in the UK from Space NK (, it’s ideal for smoothing thick or frizz-prone hair. With hibiscus extract to protects and soften, it also contains damson plum to prevent hair discolouration – a must in my current fight against the greys. The shampoo is £22 and the conditioner £23, both for 241mls. Once you pop open the top and smell the gorgeous pineapple, cardamom and bamboo fragrance, you’ll be hooked.

Still on the theme of shampoo, well, kind of, you’ve really got to try Aveda’s new Shampure Body Lotion (£23 for 200mls, With the same scent as their iconic Shampure hair line, you can now enjoy the fragrance as a body scent. Containing 25 pure flower and plant essences, to me this fragrance reminds me of stepping into a luxurious spa. Just a small sniff with lower your blood pressure several notches.
See you next month.