emilyme no make-upAre we teaching our children to think and act differently in this crazy world that has us leaving the EU, has Trump ready to move his wigs into the White House and Marine Le Pen is aching to take the reigns in France. When did we become so intolerant?

I’m not normally political in this column. There is enough of that elsewhere. But what are we teaching our children? Even my daughter, who is only six years old, had an opinion on Trump.

So what has gone wrong in our society that racism, sexism, intolerance and bigotry is being rewarded? What have we been teaching our kids as a society? Or not teaching?

Are we teaching them to see things from other people’s points of view? Listen to people? Be different? Speak up? Love themselves?

Aren’t all these crazy decisions being made worldwide born out of a lack of knowledge and understanding – and because the ‘disenfranchised’ want a slice of the ‘better life’ pie? Can we blame them when they live in poverty and deprivation to want something better?

But could parents not do more? Nurturing intelligent and insightful children will surely lead to a more positive and understanding adult population?

I choose to give my kids mantras of self-esteem… affirmations of how their day will go. Every day. Like…

I’m going to have a great day. I’m healthy and safe. I am wonderful. I love my family. I love me.

I hope it’s working.

Which brings me to Halloween. In a room full of princesses and witches… my daughter was dressed as Ironman. Now she does have three brothers, so she’s not going to be a girlie girl, but I love the fact that she’s happy to be who she is already. She makes no apology for not wanting a glittery dress and clip-clop shoes.

She may only be six but she has a voice. An opinion. A choice.

And just before last week’s historical election, she said: “You know, mummy, if Trump becomes the ‘Prime Minister’, I think he’ll explode the world.”

Out of the mouths of babes…