Laura Davidson, travel editor, columnist and journalist, is mum to four-year-old Hannah and two-year-old Lucy.

Juggling work with a turbo-charged toddler and an energetic pre-schooler isn’t always easy but she’s still determined to look more yummy mummy than slummy mummy. Here’s how she’s been getting on this month…

It’s was Halloween and my girls went out trick or treating (or guising as we call it here in Scotland) for the very first time.

The Juniors dressed up as sisters Anna and Elsa from Disney hit Frozen, along with about 99.9 per cent of little girls this year, I expect. I can’t complain really. Their current role models are a pair of kick-ass princesses with an unwavering loyalty to each other and the belief that they needn’t marry Prince Charming to live happily ever after. Girl Power or what?

So to get in the spirit of things, I went with them for the sweetie hunt round the neighbours’ doors wearing a bit of Halloween make-up. A blood-stained cheek, perhaps… Maybe a Zombie-style eye… First thing’s first – and not just for Halloween – a moisturiser that will keep old crone’s wrinkles at bay.

bief0002f_1_lI’m road-testing BIOEFFECT’s new Daytime Cream for Dry Skin just now, and I’m liking what I see.It launched earlier this month from those clever Icelandic skincare experts who brought us EGF Serum, a magic anti-ageing potion that encourages the skin to produce youth-giving collagen and elastin.

The Daytime Cream contains the same EGF cellular activator and is really rich and nourishing, perfect for anyone who experiences dryness throughout winter.Priced £55, it’s available from, Selfridges, and

With perfectly moisturised skin, a primer is a must to keep any make-up in place, but especially good if you’re creating an elaborate look for a fancySB_C1XL_SKUC1XL01_340 dress party. Step forward Smashbox’s Photo Finish Pore Minimising Foundation Primer. It does exactly what it says on the tin – pores are immediately blurred making foundation look flawless for up to eight hours. I also love the fact that although it absorbs extra oil, keeping you shine free, the face never ever feels dry. A real wonder product, £28 for 30mls from

Eyes_precisionink_Abyss_1And now to a bit of colour – it’s difficult to see past Illamasqua for bright colour pop shades that just scream Halloween.Their make-up artists let their imaginations run wild and it’s time to follow suit. Eyeliner isn’t just for eyes at Halloween. What about using it as a funky lip-liner or using the ultra-fine brush to create some artwork on your cheek? Precision ink (£20, comes in five shades and once applied has serious staying power. I love Havoc, a gothic aubergine, and Wisdom, a brilliant burnished gold.

Eyes_Palette_Paranormal_1For eyes, or anywhere else you fancy, try the Paranormal Palette, (£34) containing four shades – cerise, warm copper, a soft violet and a vivid green.

And for lips, it’s the one time you can really go wild, so don’t miss the opportunity. Sheer lipgloss in Violate (£16.50), a daring green, was just made for October 31. Happy fright night!Illamasqua Violate



Mothers’ Little Helper:

Trouble getting your kids to eat their veg? Haven’t we all. I’ve been trying to introduce veg as a pre-dinner snack, getting the girls to munch on half a corn on the cob or a bowl of sugar snap peas in front of CBeebies while I make the tea. Seems to be working. And means the good stuff isn’t something brushed to the side of their plate after their preferred fish fingers are sausages are scoffed.