So I decided that enough was enough. It was time. Time to do something about it… those extra pounds. Oh we all put it off as we promise ourselves that we will start tomorrow… and stop.

You know, stop the extra glass of wine, those spicy crisps that melt in your mouth when you have your wine, that wee something with your cup of tea, the dollop of mayonaise on top of your healthy salad, the pinching off the children’s dinner plates. We all do it.

And being a mum of four, I know that it’s almost impossible to make time to exercise on a regular basis. We spend our lives doing school runs, making packed lunches; cooking healthy meals for the brood and taxi-ing the kids to all their clubs… it’s no wonder at the end of the day, all we want to do is tuck into a hearty meal with a glass of wine.

But then sooner rather than later, we start to notice that we can’t fit into all of our clothes, then as we hunt for the bigger, more stretchy things in the wardrobe; we find that more of these things don’t fit either. And God forbid we go up a dress size. Good God no… we’ll start cutting back.

But then it’s harder than you realise. I tried to cut carbs – nothing. I tried low-cal – nothing. I tried not eating through the day – nothing… so it was time to bring in the experts.

Enter Lorraine from Slimtuition…

The Slimtuition programme has different plans that you can choose from to begin your weight loss. There’s Boot Camp, The Mad Plan, The 2+2 plan, The Lifestyle Plan, and The Downsizer – you choose which plan will suit you and your lifestyle. I have chosen Boot Camp this week. I will try another next week to keep things varied.

Lorraine and her team are trained counsellors as well as nutrition and healthy eating experts. So not only do you have someone monitoring your weight and eating habits, but also someone who is coming on your weight-loss journey; someone who understands how you are feeling.

It’s all based on eating nutritionally-balanced meals/soups/protein bars; two to three litres of water; little amounts of treats/alcohol – yes you can drink, but just a little bit. It’s a programme where your body burns your own fat stores for fuel; which is why Slimtuition gets results and fast. Now that’s what we all want, isn’t it?


Week 4

Lost another two pounds and this time I am not just sticking to the protein bars and Slimtuition meals. I am eating real meals again. So for breakfast, I have a meusli bar, for lunch a salad or an omellete (with mushrooms and tomatoes) and for dinner, either steak and vegetables or chicken or fish – again no carbs, but veggies. You can have a selection of fruit and then an added bar from the range at Slimtuition.

Plus you have your coffee or tea – and then three litres of water. So you really don’t feel hungry. I am going to a jive class this week with my friend, and am going to try out our yummy fitness expert’s carb-busting workout for mums, and I will let you know how it get on. Roll on weigh in day!


Week 3

So I stayed the same. I have still lost nearly seven pounds but I haven’t lost any more. It was not a surprise, really. I had used up all my snack allowance by midweek as my social life got in the way. We were celebrating my partner’s new job – Prosecco and steak; then had lobster and more Prosecco when we had dinner at my dad’s.

Then we went to the picures on Friday night and had dinner out afterwards in Edinburgh. I was working at the weekend,  so Andrew cooked dinner for Saturday night. Oh dear.

I was only ‘good’ for a couple of days. So when weigh-in came, I confessed to Lorraine all my temptations. She is great.

“It’s life, we have to be realistic sometimes and fight against all the voices saying, oh you’re hungry, just have this, that or whatever. Or because we are celebrating with a loved one, it’s hard to always put your food plan first,” she says. But she is still pleased that I have reigned in some of my need to indulge.

And I didn’t put on a pound. Back on track this week – I hope. I do have a visit to friends in Ayrshire, Scotland, where they have a love of good food and fine wine. I’ll tell you on Monday, how I get on.


Week 2

I’ve lost five pounds. Did you hear that? I lost five pounds. Oh. My. God. I am so pleased with myself and with the eating programme I am doing with Slimtuition. Read below… So I’m on day two of week two, I feel like I’m floating on air.

After the great news, I headed on with my journey of finding out what my relationship with food was. Was there a reason I have been lazy when it comes eating anything and not exercising? What this programme does is force you to look at why your are over-eating. You aren’t always that hungry. Really, you aren’t that hungry all the time. But we keep on nibbling, snacking and promising we will be better tomorrow.

Not anymore for me. I am really beginning to look at what I have been eating and drinking. I have controlled portions – I didn’t stick to the boot camp of week 1 but introduced some meals; protein and vegetables mainly. I was craving soups – the weather got colder and I just needed something more than a protein bar or small meal.

So the weight loss was not going to be so dramatic… plus I had three glasses of Prosecco on Friday and then four watching X Factor on Saturday night; plus FIVE MINSTRALS. And a cheeky little mulled wine at the family trip to the Enchanted Forest on Sunday night. So a bit over my snack allowance.

So I lost one and a half pounds. Week 2 was always going to be tricky for me – the novelty of the boot camp had worn off and my body was craving real meals. But I still lost weight. And I have worked out a plan for Week 3. I’ll keep you posted.



Week 1

So I tried it. And signed up for the programme. I have been doing it for five days now. I get weighed on Monday. So far, I haven’t been hungry. I didn’t like the soups at all. So I switched the options around a bit with the help of Lorraine and continued.

Your body does de-tox a bit; which means a couple of days of a runny tummy and a few cravings, but nothing horrendous and you really aren’t hungry. In fact with all the packets of food and bars, you actually feel full all the time. It’s very bizarre.

I have a 50th birthday party tonight – so that’s going to be a challenge. I have saved up my treats – so I can have some wine – a bottle if I want – so I will let you know how I get on…

I drank a bottle of Prosecco with my great friend Patricia – ate some crisps and had a curry (without carbs)… did it do any damage…no!