SONY DSCSteve King, is a Men’s Grooming Expert, broadcaster and journalist. He is a former editor of Men’s Health Magazine, as well as numerous women’s magazines.

He was also the resident expert on Channel 4’s Richard & Judy Show and wrote fashion and grooming columns in both The Sunday Express and The Mail on Sunday.

He is the foster parent to three children, aged 11, six and two-years-old and is a true believer that women are not the only ones who need a helping hand in the “looking their best” department.

Steve is a grooming guru to be reckoned with and will stop at nothing to help turn the nation’s men into “Dishy Daddies!”


SPRING is most definitely in the air here at King Towers… It’s been a month of cleaning, painting and tidying up – although it wouldn’t be me if it had gone all smoothly now… would it?

I am concerned that my obsession with cleaning has given our two-year-old a complex. He is now “asking’” to help clean and has his own bright green duster. It sounds like the perfect scenario – to ‘Help Daddy” but we have had a few ‘minor’ issues I feel it only correct to share – or should that be warn you all about, should you embark on the idea that children should learn to ‘help’ from a very early age!

There have been TWO major incidents and one minor.

The first I honestly didn’t see coming. It was bed change day and I was busily sorting the bedding into piles to go in the machine. I went to the store cupboard (AKA the dumping ground under the stairs) to get the huge box of washing powder out to refill the smaller container we keep by the machine. Sounds innocent enough. Our two-year-old watched and laughed as I tipped the powder into the container and then retuned it to the hallway. then went about putting the bedding in the machine. Switched it on. A matter of seconds had passed. I turned round and our youngest wasn’t rolling in the dirty laundry, but I heard giggling from the hall. I took the five steps from the kitchen and voila…. I was greeted with the words: “Look Daddy – Helping”. He had managed to tip the entire 10kg box of soap powder over and was (with his trusty green duster) spreading it all over the deep pile rugs, carpet and stairs. Two Dyson loads later, the mess was gone.

Next, I decided the children’s bathroom needed a thorough ‘going over’ and armed with my Vileda super swiffer mop and bucket I set about it. Forty-five minutes later it was gleaming. I stuck the bucket over the child gate and into the upstairs landing. Next thing the wee one comes charging out of his room, and with super-human strength and the now infamous words: “Look Daddy – Helping”, he picked up the almost full bucket of dirty, bleach-filled water and tipped it down the stairs, through the safety gate at the top… as I (forgetting the safety gate to the bathroom was even there) ran at full pelt in a desperate attempt to stop him. Smack. I not only ran INTO the gate, but by the sheer force of my mercy dash, took the gate off the door frame and fell flat on my face in a sopping puddle!

I didn’t realise how much water was in my Vi bucket!

And to add insult to injury this was post ‘Soap Powder-Gate’ and those pesky remnants of detergent had eluded the Dyson and then seemed to activate and multiple in a sea of foaming froth. The carpet is ruined. The dark grey walls of the stairwell resemble a Jackson Pollock painting and most importantly, my CK ribbed black T-shirt is now in the bin!

The minor incident which concludes this tale of woe involved the youngest and our little Bichon Frise. She was happily asleep on the sofa while the wee one was sitting peeling and attaching his stickers to his Peppa Pig book. I went to the kitchen to get a refill of his drink. Checked my emails on the iPad and returned. The poor dog looked at me in pity as I was greeted with the words: “Ta Da – Daddy” and the pointing of a chubby hand at the dog.

She was covered (one side only) with stickers. It took us an hour to peel, cut and almost surgically remove the offending items from her woolen coat. She’s still in therapy and takes off whenever the Peppa Pig Book is dragged out.

So, with all that in mind I though it might be an idea to look at Dishy Daddy grooming goodies aimed at giving us guys a ‘Spring Clean’.

After the month I had – believe me I need it!

But, before I go, I need to tell you I have discovered Twitter. I am addicted. You can follow me and ask me your grooming dilemmas – @findstevek – (please do as I need to get the number of followers up as currently my 15-year-old nephew Jake has more followers than me! And remember to follow yummymummybeauty too!



DEEPCLEANISING SK3DHC has fused its Japanese heritage and ancient secrets together with the natural benefits of olive oil – the foundation of the skincare range. With a legacy of more than 30 years in Japan creating high quality beauty and grooming products and using only the finest ingredients, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is a great way for guys to tackle any problems BEFORE they happen.

Now don’t panic at the thought of using oil on your skin. This is specially formulated. Made using high quality ingredients, this water-soluble Deep Cleansing Oil contains a rich blend of skin-loving vitamin E and hydrating olive oil. It helps unclog pores (a problem for many guys out there) by clearing impurities and leaves your face a grime-free zone. Rinses away to help leave skin fresh and clean. Olive oil and vitamin E also fight free radicals.


SKIN DOCTORS Powerbrasion™ Home Micro-dermabrasion System, £56

Powerbrasion System SK3I love this. It’s a guy grooming gadget you will love – even if you don’t know a drill from a hammer. It’s a power-tool even the cack-handed will never want to be without.

It combines both micro-dermabrasion and a Hydroxy Acid exfoliation to give you professional results in as little as 10 days.

You basically attach the foam head, dot on some of the crystal powder to the area you want to work on and five minutes later you are done. You dust off the dead skin and apply the cream.

Micro-dermabrasion gently removes the dull lifeless top layer of skin to reveal the fresh, smooth, new glowing skin that lies beneath. It can also help reduce the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, sun spots, freckles, visible pores and acne scarring. It’s just brilliant! £56.00,


CLARINS Pure and Radiant Mask, £21.50

CLARINS MASK SK3Now forget all the rubbish about guys and face masks. They are BRILLIANT – just don’t answer the door wearing one.

I recommend this one. You need to apply once or twice a week to cleansed, dry skin (avoiding the area around the eyes). Leave on 5-10 minutes and rinse off with cool water. SIMPLE

It’s a deep-purifying mask—with refreshing Pink Clay and Alpine Willow Herb— it cleans, tightens and refines pores, leaving a fresh matte result. and don’t panic it;s not one of those comedy ones that crack if you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror – it’s non-drying texture rinses easily and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.




ORGANICH SK3There is nothing like a good SCRUB. And this little number is perfect. You apply in small circular movements to face and neck and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Use 2-3 times a week and you will see some great results and your skin will feel so much cleaner and fresher.

It contains Bamboo extract and Cranberry powder remove dead skin cells is Antioxidant packed, lifts whiskers from the face before shaving, then the Natural clay draws out toxins and impurities, before it smothers you in a soft caress by soothing, thanks to the fairly traded Shea butter – and it’s certified Organic!


Well, guess that wraps it up for this month. Good luck and don’t forget to Tweet me @findstevek and HASHTAG yummymummybeauty!