• Dads with small testicles are apparently more likely to be involved in child care because they have lower testosterone levels…
  • So have we got you reaching for the measuring tape? Can you remember your past boyfriends and compare them to your husband or father of your kids?
  • Is it right? Or just a load of … (sorry we couldn’t resist!)


Here’s the story we found on mailonline…

Researchers found that fathers with smaller testicles are also more likely to be involved in child care.

Previous studies have suggested that decreases in testosterone may suppress mating efforts, potentially channelling a man’s energy toward the care of infants.

This ties in with an evolutionary hypothesis called Life History Theory which says that mating and parenting compete for the limited energy, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online.

Dr James Rilling, of Atlanta’s EmoryUniversity, decided to investigate the link between testes size and parenting among men.

Testes volume is associated with sperm production and testosterone levels.

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