imgresFor lots of us, it’s the perfect beauty accessory – a quick fix to refresh dirty hair and absorb oil when there’s no time for a wash and blow-dry.

And for mums, it really is a godsend if you have been up all night with a teething baby and need to look half-way respectable for the school gates.

It’s little wonder, then, that sales of dry shampoo are booming. And according to reports, British women are the world’s biggest consumers of the product, with one in four of us using it.

But now there are scare stories out that if you use it too much, it can mess with your scalp. Some women saying it left them bald…

What do you think? Personally here at yummymummybeauty, we think it that dry shampoo has its place in our bathrooms. Just don’t overdo it – everything in moderation and all that!

Dove has refresh + care dry shampoo for £3.99.

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