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Ed’s blog

I have said it for years. Women need more sleep because we do more. Now I am not trying to diss the daddies out there – as so many of you do lots in the house – but really, we do more, just by nature. Most of us can’t sit down.

When we’re not working, we’re cooking, shopping, cleaning, recycling (took me two hours this morning), wiping bums, changing nappies, honing our diplomacy fights over trampolining fights and baking birthday cakes, buying birthday pressies… well, you get the picture. And now the scientists – who are normally men – say we DO NEED MORE SLEEP BECAUSE WE DO MORE..

Check out the feature in the Daily Record.

SO TIME FOR A LONG LIE… but as we know you all live in the real world… it’s just one to keep up your sleeve.

So the next time your man complains about the jet lag, his long hours, his extra shifts and all the chores round the house that he does, bring it up. Scientific evidence now that’s the way to win an argument!

So what kind of week are you having? A good one? I do hope you are enjoying our mag – thousands of you are logging on every day and we are trying to refresh our pages and features to keep up with you as much as is humanly possible.

I don’t know about you but the ads on the TV for toys on the run up to Christmas are really doing my head in. My little brood stand close to the TV, pen and pad at the ready when the ads come on and they write furiously for their Christmas lists. Oh come on, we haven’t even had Halloween.

So with this onslaught of new toys in the offing, I have been going through the toy boxes to try to clear out some of the things they don’t play with.

My daughter got her first Barbie from my friend Angela in the summer, complete with little IKEA living room. Really cute I thought. So it wasn’t long before I reckoned the leggy but now smaller-busted icon needed a boyfriend, so we borrowed one of her brothers’ action men and set them up in the new playroom. Mummy and daughter very happy playing house.

But before long, the gorgeous couple got tidied away in the big toy box as my little girl would rather run around with her Spiderman than play with her Barbie. So with this in mind, I went to seek the happy couple out. And there they were, lying together, side by side. And as I loved all things Barbie when I was a child, I couldn’t bring myself to throw her out. Plus they looked so happy.

Now, and I write this with hand on heart, every time I go into the toy box, Barbie and said Action Man are in some way naughtily linked! Do toys really come alive at night?

Anyway with this little anecdote in mind, I am asking you all to share some of your stories and for every one published, the writer will win a FREE beauty product…

Now back to the beauty – I hope you can support the Breakthrough for Breast Cancer campaign – we all know someone who has faced this. So please think about buying some of these goodies.

Our columnists will be posted by the weekend.

Enjoy the mag – we hope you like our new competitions – and remember, stay yummy.