We’re lucky at yummymummybeauty – as we work with our friends. How great is that?

Dishy Daddy Steve King took some time out of his busy schedule to join us – that’s me on the left and our Diary of a Sleep-Deprived Yummy columnist Laura Davidson on the right, for dinner in Glasgow at the weekend.

We have all worked together over the years on various magazines and national newspapers for 20 years now – I know we look too young, don’t we?

But not only are we great friends and colleagues but now that we all have kids and careers, our bond is even closer.

So Steve was up for meetings as we are planning the launch of our yummy shop – which we hope you will enjoy when it goes live at the end of the month.

Now going back to the looking young bit – well, we are a beauty mag – we know the best kind of products out there – and we have found these fantastic brushes, which is why we’re going to sell them, pictured left.

Check them out and if you want to pre-order your set; email us or contact us through Facebook and you will get the chance to buy them at the discounted price of £24.99.

I tried a few things over the summer months and one was the Simply Tousled product for hair – when you want it to look, well, simply tousled.

I have naturally curly hair, which I tend to straighten a lot but when we were on holiday in Catalonia, I went ‘au naturale’. So out came Leobancroft’s Simply Tousled – which turned my mane of dishevelled locks – into fantastic tousled curls. Love it. Great if you have a kink or a curl to your hair.

We are also bringing our travel section back due to popular demand – and we will be happy if you want to send in your own reviews – we especially want what you think of holidays with a view to them being child-friendly. Just send them in and we will publish.

Hope you are still enjoying the mag – we have a couple of new columnists to introduce to you – I will keep you posted.


Elaine x