me no make-upSo I decided to make the ‘hidden vegetables’ sauce that Annabel Karmel has told us about for years. You know it’s like that squeaky door that you need to fix, but never do.

Every time you come in the room, you hear it and make a mental note to get some oil to stop it making that grinding squeal. But you never get round to it.

Well it’s been like that for me with spaghetti bolognaise… every time I made spaghetti bolognaise, I’ve reached for the jar and added it to the mince, while chastising myself for not making the healthier version.

Well not this weekend.

Yesterday, I decided to make it. And you know it has leeks, carrots, pepper, onions and courgettes. And a tin of chopped tomatoes. Cook it all down – and then blitz. And all of a sudden you have spaghetti sauce packed full of nutrients.

And the best bit is that the children are none the wiser. There’s no, ‘I don’t like the green things’ or ‘you know I hate carrots’ or ‘I’m not hungry now’. It was great!

So forgive me for bragging, I’m delighted at myself. At least I’m not putting it on Facebook – another ‘bugbear’ of mine. I don’t get. I share things on FB about the webmag and I love seeing people I went to school with – who are on the other side of the world, putting up pics of their kids etc.

I even don’t mind birthday parties so much, or the first day at school pics. In fact, any real memorable event is fine. Charity stuff. Even holiday pics – as your friends like to show you what a good time they are having. I’m fine with that. And some of the funny things are fab. Lost pets, even people looking for a bit of support. Facebook is great for this kind of stuff. But…

What I can’t bear is the fake stuff. The ‘oh I’m so happy and blessed’ while you are eating out at a Mcdonalds; really? Or here’s the dinner I made tonight… what? Or the couples who talk to each other. JUST GO UPSTAIRS AND HAVE A PROPER CONVERSATION. And then there’s the ‘super annoyed at life’ posts – aimed at people; ahhhh; stop it.

I don’t share pictures of my kids – (okay twice in five years after my school friends asked to see my brood) – I don’t have to go on about how happy I am or how good I am at baking or why I love this one and the next.

I choose not to live my life on Facebook. My children are precious and I choose to keep our lives as private as I can. I don’t post the events in our lives because these are for me and the close circle of friends and family I have. I send ‘my people’ pics of the kids in their uniforms, with their football and judo medals, at their parties.

Because these are the people that count. Facebook is fake in many ways. Stop posting every spit and cough of your life; and just enjoy living it. Because that’s what really matters.