me no make-upSo. They’re back. My four kids. To school.

Many of the mums were whooping with delight as six weeks of ‘children at home’ came to an end. Not me. I love the holidays. I love the lack of real routine and forgetting what day it is. You only get the chance to really chill when all the clubs they go to take a break.. and you don’t have to be anywhere at any given time. Love it.

But now it all kicks off again. School for 8.55am. School gates at 3.15pm. Football, swimming, judo, football training, Highland dancing, more football, basketball, chess… oh and that’s before all the homework.

It’s more than the lack of routine though that I love. I like spending time with my kids. Don’t get me wrong, we can all get on each other’s nerves like the best of them, but we love not having to be busy all the time. And the holidays gives us this time. And now it’s over for another year.

And this year, ‘back to school’ week had me sailing into unchartered waters… P2; P4; P6… and THE ACADEMY.

My eldest started his first year of senior school,aka the big school. I looked at him in his blazer, skinny black smart trousers, big feet, shirt and tie – and thought: where did 12 years go? It doesn’t seem that long since I cradled him in my arms in the hospital; guarding him from industrious nurses wanting to weigh/wash/check him. I remember not sleeping in case they took him away. I just lay there in the hospital, my head popping up like a little meercat when I heard a nurse approaching.

And now here he was all blonde hair and handsome face – ready to get the school bus at the end of the road. ‘Will I walk you out?’ I asked, knowing full well his answer. He smiled in his sweet ‘mum’s fussing but I’ll humour her’ kind of way and said he would be fine. I didn’t cry. But as he walked down our driveway, the pang of realisation that he was growing up really hit me. Much more than when he first started school at five. I saw him as the young man he is becoming… a proud moment, yes … but a reminder that life is racing along like a high-speed train. I’m just so happy to be part of my children’s journey – every single day of my life.

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