mefrontWell if it’s good enough for Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s good enough for me, so I’m trying Herbalife… quite a few of you have contacted us about the eating plan and so I thought we’d give it a go.  

Like most mums, I have yo-yoed with my weight since the children were born. Let’s face it as much as we love them, having babies wreaks havoc with your body. Then once they are here, you never get time to stick to a proper eating plan, always tired, we find quick ways to eat – and they tend not to be the ‘oh I’m hungry, I’ll have an apple’ quick-fixes either… more the ‘I have no energy, I’m tired, I need a treat of chocolate and crisps’ variety.

So no matter how we try on our own, we always tend to slip back into old ways because we love food, oh and a glass of Prosecco or two. Don’t we?

And with summer behind us, and no need to bare the body in shorts or a t-shirt; it would be so easy and tempting to hide in the thick clothes for autumn and winter. But then by Christmas, we wish we had done something about the extra weight as we head towards the LBD season.

So, for 90 days, I am going to join Herbalife and if you want to join me, them head to your local representative.. or email me on

I met David Forbes, he’s based in Scotland, and he will be my health/eating/diet support. I sat FullSizeRenderdown with him in the Wellness Centre in Perth and he took me through the benefits of a Herbalife. David, who looks in his late 50s, has been taking HerbalLife products for 14 years now and looks the picture of health. He later tells me he’s in his Seventies…

So after describing in detail what the programme entails, read below for more info on this, I am signed up for a three-day trial. This is to see if you can stick with it and if David thinks Herbalife will work for you. You can contact David for more info on 07810 825 127.

Three-Day Plan

A shake/smoothie (I can’t drink milk – not allergic, just don’t like it, so I make mine with fruit juice) for breakfast; one for lunch, a couple of vitamins, then for dinner it’s the usual stuff; but you are nudged towards eating more protein. I am meant to eat around 60g based on my body’s needs – but we work out that I am probably only giving my body 25g. Where I fill up is my carbs. I do love bread and potatoes and noodles and pasta… so perhaps, I need to look at this. That’s it for three days, plus two to three litres of water.. sounds ‘do-able’. You get to set your own goals, though, things like your BMI and how many calories you burn naturally is worked out – as well as your visceral fat status… more on that tomorrow.

So I am given the smoothie packs away with me. The starter pack is £10 for three days. The plans vary but works out for around £5 for most adults. I think this is affordable. So if you can spare this – remember you won’t be buying the food you normally feed yourself, so you will be spending £5 on breakfast and lunch… then join me. We can do it together.

I will be keeping a daily blog of my progress – it will be warts and all, so you know that you can trust you are getting the absolute truth.


I’ve already mixed my pack of powder with fruit juice and feel full. I’ll tell you how I get on tonight.

After tea… I’ve not been hungry at all today and not had the usual cravings at school-run time, when the kids come home and everyone has a snack. For dinner: I had two roasted chicken thighs, a beetroot and tomato salad, a palm size of pasta. Felt fine. I drank two litres of water, two mugs of tea and two small cups of coffee. David, my coach, says that’s fine. Not hungry at all… encouraging.


Smoothie for breakfast – made with raspberry and cranberry juice; one for lunch. Not hungry at all – really. And for dinner, I had palm-sized portion of pasta; little bit of scampi – not sure if this is allowed? And beetroot and tomato for my veggie option. And two glasses of Prosecco. Again, not sure this allowed but it’s Friday night and we like Prosecco on a Friday night; don’t we? Drank two litres of water; cups of hot water and lemon.



OK. So same deal. Smoothies; vitamins and 2 litres of water. One coffee; hot lemon. Roast chicken, corn on the cob; roast potatoes. Today was harder. I was making bacon rolls all round for everyone and was soooo tempted. But no, I had my smoothie. I made lentil and bacon soup for the kids. Sooooo tempted. Resisted. Hard though. Missing real food through the day but what I am finding is that I fill up much quicker once I have started eating real food again. I am trying to make a change here, so must stick with it. Having a gin and tonic… well it’s X Factor night.

More about Herbalife


Quick, easy and packed with great nutrition, Herbalife Formula 1 protein shakes are a great way to support a healthy lifestyle and nutritionally balanced diet.

Formulated with a balanced combination of high quality soy protein, with essential micronutrients, botanicals and herbs, each delicious shake delivers real benefits to the body – whether you’re looking to lose weight, shape up or simply ensure healthier nutrition.

Why shakes/smoothies?

Healthy, quick to whip up and packed with great nutrition – Herbalife shakes are complimentary to modern busy lifestyles and provide a nutritious alternative to traditional, high calorie breakfasts.

Consultant nutritional therapist to Herbalife, Miguel Toribio-Mateas says: “Soy has been found to speed up the body’s ability to burn calories, balancing blood sugar as well as providing a healthy snack which can support energy levels and help build lean muscle mass.

“Protein shakes are a viable way to introduce good quality protein early in the day and the blending process is brilliant for the body – enabling nutrients to be rapidly absorbed which can support energy levels, digestion and weight loss,” added Miguel.


Shake it up!

Herbalife_F1 StrawberryHerbalife Formula 1 shakes can be enjoyed with a variety of fruit and vegetables and are a great way to create a body-boosting super-smoothie at any time of the day. The protein- packed shakes are also a great supplement for fitness – supporting energy levels before a workout and feeding the muscles afterwards during the recovery phase.

All of the latest buzz ingredients can be thrown into a Herbalife shake to make it even tastier and nutritious – from berries, frozen fruit, yoghurt and bananas to apples, chia seeds and spinach – there are no limits to how your shake can be enjoyed and it’s a brilliant way to amp up your vitamin intake!

About Herbalife Formula 1


Containing just 220 kcals per serving, Herbalife Formula 1 is a great meal replacement for breakfast to help maintain weight, or for breakfast AND lunch for those wanting to reach their weight loss goals.  It’s also available in a variety of tasty flavours – from vanilla, strawberry and chocolate to cappuccino, tropical fruit & cookies & cream.


Vanilla ‘Free From’ – a Dairy & Gluten free formula, ensures the same great benefits for those with specific dietary requirements and contains pisane – a naturally derived pea protein to deliver all the benefits of standard F1 shakes, minus the gluten, lactose and soy.  For more information on Herbalife Formula 1 shakes (SSP: £28.40) and Herbalife Free From (SSP: £30.40) please visit