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Ed’s blog

Welcome to our November issue. And thank you for reading our mag, getting in touch and giving us all that yummy feedback. We’re loving it. And you really seemed to like this mag of ours and that’s something we’re glad about. (Plus we’re completely independent, so what you read is the real deal – we give you a true review – good or bad.) We do try to feature some of the best products though – but if we don’t like something, we’ll say.

You wrote in your hundreds; viewing more than 5000 pages between you in just three weeks. That’s just what we wanted. And your letters were so good; we had to publish the best and chattiest. Keep talking to us; we’re here to listen. Plus we got some Press as the Daily Record – sister paper of the Mirror – wrote a feature on us – check out the pdf of our feature below.

Already due to your requests and the massive response we’ve had, we’re changing the format slightly for the goody bags. It was chosen as ‘a first-come-first-served basis’. Basically whoever wrote in first, bagged the products for testing. But that meant that many of you missed out because you just couldn’t get on the site quickly enough; so we’re going to draw the goody bags in the same way as the prize draw in future. See our prize draw winners below and on tester page.

And now we’re offering up three lucky dips; see tester page for details. What it is: Right, we had three different products for testing and you write in to be put into the lucky dip. It means you could get any one of the products. (If you enter this, you need to send us a pic which will be featured along with your review copy on the site at a later date. Only entries with pics will be put into the dip.)

We’re also giving products away for testing for the best letters – again we want to know what real women and mums think of them; so keep writing to us and you’re in with a shout to test some quality goodies.

This issue sees Strictly’s Tess Daly, former Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton and TV presenter Jenni Falkoner reveal some of their beauty secrets, Annabel Karmel is keeping our kids cosy from the inside with warming winter dishes, plus we have a Christmas gift guide to give you fresh ideas for the children and then we have The Wish List

Now this was an idea from a new reader, who asked if they could put forward a ‘wish list’ of things they would like for Christmas. We thought this was a great idea, so we started one off just with some of the favourite products. But now we want you to send in a suggestion of a product on your Wish List and we’ll publish it. Then all you have to do is get your significant other to log on and check them out. Voila – roll on Christmas morning.

We also have the amazing spa day for two at Gleneagles up for grabs, see Prize Draw. But we want to make sure the prizes are accessible to you; so keep us posted on some great spas or hotels in your area and we’ll do our best to find some competitions just for your region. We’re serious when we say we want you to get to try more products/treatments/experiences – you deserve a little bit of pampering…

So take a load off. Iron the school uniforms and leave the rest. Get the kettle on or chill that wine. This is your time to relax… our webmag is a beauty retreat and a cuddle all in one. So cosy up with us.

Till next week, Elaine x



November 27th:  I’ve been asked about non-surgical treatments and it seems that many of you are unsure of what these are. Well if you live north of the border, head up to Edinburgh as Transform are opening their doors for an open evening of advice this Thursday. Check out the news section for more info. Meanwhile, we’ve been having great fun at bath-time in this house with the latest in the Matey range. How fab are these? Perfect for the Christmas stockings. £5.49 from supermarkets. I tried the Bee Venom – see below – but I can’t say it worked for me. I now have what is my first blemish in years – which came up the day after using the mask. Perhaps more suited to older skins; we’re still researching this one for you.


November 21st: Well, we took off for a little break at the weekend. We headed to Kenmore – to the luxury lodges at Mains of Taymouth. WOW with a capital WOW. Hot tub. Five bathrooms. Four levels. Kitchen island. WOW. Did I say that already? We were off on a travel feature – oh I know it’s tough sometimes being a journalist – but honestly, we don’t live in a world like this… in the house we normally live in, the bathroom has a revolving door and lots of shouts of ‘help needed’ for want of a better expression, from little ones. There’s never a moment of privacy in our toilet because, let’s face it, children don’t think they need the loo until they have only about 30 seconds to hold it in, so you have to leave the door open AT ALL TIMES! So for everyone to have a bathroom to themselves was just WOW. Sorry, I am repeating myself, but it was just kind of nirvana for me. And it was in one of these bathrooms that I tried Bee Venom… mmm. Manuka Doctor’s Bee Venom for your face. It’s anti-ageing… I’ll keep you posted. As for the house with five bathrooms, did I just dream it? No, really you can rent this kind of house for a weekend. Details – next issue.


November 12th: As the run up to Christmas begins – we’re all getting a busier. Without even really noticing, we’re adding little jobs to our ‘to do’ lists, aren’t we? (I can’t be the only one who does this, am I? Mine gets longer every day – in fact there are things on it that have been there for months… the ‘not-so-necessary-but-things-we-want-to-get-round-to’ things.) Anyway in the middle of all the preparing for the Christmas mad rush, I was given a timely reminder of one of the best products I have ever come across. No really, I had almost forgotten it because I’m seduced by all the new shiny products out there to try. But there it was sitting in the Boots aisle. I was rushing in to get nappies, wipes and check out the toys for the beginning of the Santa lists and there it was. Max Factor False Lash Effect, £10.99, a little piece of joy. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.


November 7th: You’ve got to love MAC. They know how to create sparkle and class and their new collection is no different. They’re hurtling us towards Christmas on their sooped up MAC sledge with delightful colours and shades that mirror the weather. A touch of brilliance here. We love these and there’s loads to the Glitter and Ice range… Lipsticks, left, £14.



CONGRATULATIONS: Dornoch Competition: winner: Cathy Wheeler (please provide full address details so prizes can be sent out.) Tesco Competition: winner: Jennie Slessor  (please provide full address details so prizes can be sent out.)