By Elaine Hunter

So it’s the next stage, isn’t it? We have our babies and then we raise them – you’re over the pregnancies, the birth and all the feeding – breast or bottle; the sleepless nights are almost gone and the children are taking themselves to the toilet and in many cases to school..

And you think – great, survived that. And then boom – the big hormonal change… the menopause. Women don’t get it easy.

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IT looms in middle age like a great dark cloud but now a new book is encouraging women to embrace the menopause and treat it as a new beginning.

Author Carol E Wyer believes a positive attitude is the best way of getting through the change in life.

In her book, Grumpy Old Menopause, Carol, who is 53, hopes to convince women to stop fearing it and view it as an opportunity.

She said: “A lot of women say this is a good time and you become yourself if you treat it properly. If you learn to look after yourself, you will learn to like yourself better.

“You can feel far more confident at the end of it, you don’t have these bad headaches or the problems you might have had every month, so there’s a freedom of being at a different point in your life. We shouldn’t fear menopause. After all, we didn’t fear puberty. We need to get rid of the negativity associated with it and pick out the positives.”

Dr Naomi Potter, menopause expert, says women tend to think of only five main symptoms – but there are more than 50.

She said: “There are so many myths about the menopause with many women being unsure about what their body will go through or is going through. Many believe they can’t experience symptoms because they are not old enough. But if you are over 45, then it’s likely you are.”

And what about our beauty regimes when it comes to ageing… do you do anything? Take anything extra?

Collagen? Oh yes, mummy, daddy and everyone in between, it’s marvellous.. and not necessary to take every day as it can be pricey. Try ever second day for stronger nails, hair and luminous skin. It works, take it from me! I’m trying absolute collagen from Maxine Laceby – the raspberry flavour is lovely.

So that’s the inside a little bit sorted… for the outside? Well, we love our lashes, don’t we? So why don’t you try the lash and brow serum from The Ordinary, £12.99… and kiss goodbye to having to pin your hopes on mascara to perk up those baby blues, or greens or indeed browns…