’s the ancient art of improving your life – and it even works in your garden. Did you realise that the principles of Feng Shui can be applied to the outside of your home too?

If you improve the energy known as ‘chi’ outside your house – you can change things in your love life, boost your finances and alter your general well-being.

And you thought all you had to do was cut your grass and weeds the plants…

But there’s so much more you can do to make your garden a wonderful place to be. You can use colours, different textured and aromatic plants, ornaments and wind chimes.

Director of Feng Shui Scotland-Global June Harrison says there are lots of ways we can apply Feng Shui in our garden to not only improve how it looks and feels but also to affect our lives. And she reckons it’s time we all stopped being so serious in our gardens, and started to have some fun.

“We tend to be quite conservative when it comes our gardens and sometimes I think it would be nice to be a bit more frivolous out there in that space. Have a bit of fun with it and add elements that you like.

“But before you start applying Feng Shui in your garden, look at what you want to achieve. If you want to improve relationships, relaxation, money and love life; then you can make some simple changes for great results. And it’s important to choose colours and flowers that symbolize relaxation for you too.

“Treat your garden like an outside lounge, so like your home, make sure it’s restful. Clear the clutter, weed it and make it an enjoyable space to be in.”

Here’s June’s ‘top five’ tips to adding a touch of Feng Shui to your garden. Not only will it brighten it up, give it a new lease of life; but will also bring a touch of magic to surroundings.


  1. Money: Head to the left-hand corner that’s furthest away from the house. This is the corner of fortunate blessings; but this is where you can improve your finances. Put round-leafed plants in this corner (signifying money) or ornaments that signify abundance like a treasure chest or a fat money frog but it doesn’t have to be a Chinese symbol, you can use a Scottish one that symbolizes money for you. If you have a shed in that corner, clear out the clutter where you can and plant pampas grass round it. You could also put a windmill on top of it; or things that represent the wind; bamboo chimes or wispy, spirally things. You are looking for things that will move the chi around it. You could also paint clouds on it and brighten it up.
  2. The other money corner in your garden is the right-hand corner nearest the house (this is for cash flow). Plant white and yellow flowers here and add round metal ornaments. This is also the area for helpful friends – so you should find that your family gets a lot of good professional help. You could also plant white flowers in big round metal pots.
  3. For relationships: Head to the furthest right hand corner away from the house this time. Plant pink flowers; roses would be perfect here. Depending on the size of your garden, you could put a double seat in this area or the statue of a couple. In fact anything that signifies a pair would be ideal in this corner. Turquoise and purple would work well here too.
  4. For relaxation and enlightenment: The area you are looking at is the back of the garden in the middle. Plant spiky plants, red, purple here. A statue of a Buddhist meditating would be great here as this is the area of fame, recognition and enlightenment.
  5. For health; keep the centre of your garden totally empty; for patios; they work well in the money corner; (the fortunate blessings in the left-hand corner of the house) while water features work well just outside the house. If you don’t like the running water feature, think of adding a small pond. But if you don’t want water in your garden, then substitute it with blue flowers. Aromatic plants like honeysuckle and lavender will also make your garden a more enjoyable and relaxed place to be.

For more details on how to Feng Shui your home and garden, contact June Harrison or