HEALTH and fitness are on the agenda this Christmas, as only 6% of all gym goers are put off by the Winter weather, according to a new survey. However, what does the UK actually deem as fit and healthy?

Surprisingly, clothes size was seen as the least obvious indicator for being fit and healthy, with a good complexion and positive energy ranking more significantly.

As a general rule, a healthy lifestyle and attitude towards fitness is deemed as an important aspect to achieving a positive body image. However, in a recent survey Fitness First has discovered that what fit means varies dramatically and predominantly is affected by our age.

54% of UK adults believed positive energy and a good complexion were the most important signs. Whilst most 35-44 year olds considering skin is the best way to judge the health of someone and the 45+ market believing that energy levels are key. This differs vastly to 54% of all students believing that being slim is the most important sign, therefore ultimately proving that our views change as we get older.

The survey also concluded that only 5% of UK adults judge clothes size as a key indication of being fit and healthy. This echoes the ‘fit not thin’ campaign that was recently backed by numerous celebrities, encouraging others to focus on strength building exercises rather than solely losing pounds.

Singletons also differ somewhat in their view with 50% believing muscle definition and toned arms are the biggest sign of being fit and healthy, compared to only 20% of the rest of the UK. Lee Matthews, Head of Fitness at Fitness First said ‘Fitness can be such a subjective concept that it’s hard to define what ‘being fit and healthy’ is beyond what is a healthy amount of exercise for the average person to do. In relative terms, your level of fitness can be identified by whether you can manage an activity, how quickly you can do it and how long it takes you to recover however it is also good to see that the British public are looking outside fo the gym and understanding the excellent effects on the body that a healthy lifestyle can bring’

Top 10 signs of being fit and healthy according to the UK public:

1. Positive energy (54%)

2. Good complexion (53%)

3. Low body fat (47%)

4. Eating choices (44%)

5. Flat stomach (37%)

6. Toned arms (24%)

7. Muscle definition (29%)

8. Small clothes size (5%)

9. Visible bones (1%)

10. Don’t know (1%)


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