me no make-upsmileWe are daring you to go naked this week in public – without make-up. Can you? Would you be able to walk out the door without any slap? We are running our own YMB survey.

It’s thought that make-up and self-esteem are linked and that women with higher self-esteem don’t have the same need to ‘put their face on’ than those with lower self-esteem.

Do you agree with this? I, very often, wear no make-up and it really doesn’t bother me at all. But I didn’t grow up with a mother who had to have make-up, just occasionally and as she got older.

Obviously I like to put my make-up on if I am going out – but during the week, for the school run and picking the kids up from their many activities, well it’s just not a priority.

I’m too busy running around getting elusive shin-guards, dancing shoes, matching socks and bottles of water for half-time, to be applying a second coat of mascara.

Apparently it’s believed that many women suffer from poor body image and low self-confidence and that wearing make-up is something they can do to quickly to temporarily change their appearance, thus increasing confidence.

There are on-going studies exploring the relationship between cosmetics, their match to certain situations, and the resulting anxiety levels.

Do you feel more confident with make-up or not.

So we want you to send us your ‘bare-faced’ selfies… and tell us how you feel?