It’s not very often that I find a product that makes me look twice at the condition of my skin… but that’s what happened this week.

This time of year wreaks havoc with most skin types. One day it’s raining, the next its freezing, then it’s warm and damp, then it’s snowing and blowing a gale.

So it’s a time to protect mostly – are you using your SPFs in with your moisturiser? – and make sure you replenish your skin.

I am trying quite a few different products at the moment, and the skincare range Tropic is on the list. My friend Margo sells this as a hobby/side hustle – and as I had tried the cleanser before (and liked it), I thought I’d try out some more products.

And wowser… the deep hydration soothing cooling mask (with wild Australian superberries and resurrection flower extract) who knew there were such ingredients… is a Christmas cracker wonder.

Seriously my skin was plumper, more glowy and less lined. AFTER JUST ONE WEEK. I did use it twice this week though… Your skin will feel dewy and more flexible (not in the yoga way, you understand) but like more ‘elasticky’ – which isn’t a word but you get what I’m saying.

My 50-something skin is feeling like Santa’s little beauty elves have patted my face with soft little marsh-mallowy pouches of velvet… leaving a silky trail of yumminess…