Laugh with your bundle of fun for Scotland’s Big Laugh this Friday

You know that feeling when you find yourself laughing and laughing and laughing until you are sore where your tummy muscles used to be…

That feeling of sheer joy and it’s even better when it’s with your children?

Just how often though do we make the time to laugh – never mind with our children…

We are so busy telling them yes and no and don’t do and eat up and put your shoes on and get to bed, that the day has gone before we know what we did with it.

So on Friday – to celebrate the Big Laugh – make sure you have a giggle with your kids and keep it going for when your partner comes home from work and even better if you can all laugh together.

And I bet you go to bed smiling. It’s good for us and we are so busy, we forget to.

PlayTalkRead has lots of ideas to help make your little one(s) laugh in celebration of Scotland’s Big Laugh, an entire day dedicated to laughter, and all the good it does us.

Our ‘30 Things to laugh at before you’re three’ list (below) is available to download here: http:// .

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The Scottish Government’s PlayTalkRead campaign champions positive interaction with under threes from day one through simple inexpensive activities – playing, talking and reading.

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