Blend it with Blendly

Love really good coffee? Bet you didn’t know you could develop your own signature brand, and have it delivered to your door to enjoy at home with Blendy, a Scottish commercial coffee roaster dedicated to letting the customer easily access all the elements that make up their favourite hot drink? 

Blendly’s At Home Service is easy, with direct 24/7 online access at to a selection of the world’s best, sustainably sourced, coffee beans, paying just £4.99 a month, under the Barista At Home Plan. Simply choose the mix of beans, grind and roast to either create your own bespoke line, or you can match to a favourite High Street brand.

A repository lists existing blends of coffee, created by both individual coffee lovers, and many cafes, hotels, and restaurants all over Scotland who already use Blendly to create and supply their coffee. Look out for their Blendly QR code, displayed at the venue, which you can instantly scan to order their coffee to be delivered next day to your door!