Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…

Competition time…

Now that’s what I call incentive. And we have a month’s diet plan and cost of all the food on the Slimtuition programme up for grabs. All you have to do is enter our competition here and on Facebook.

For the chance to win the competition tell us why you need to try this new eating programme – email the editor at info@yummymummybeauty.com; clearly marked competition. 

P90801501-e1412421758537-300x200.jpgWe will choose the winner on January 31… The Editor’s decision is final.

Slimtuition eating adviser Lorraine Addyman said: “It is possible to lose a stone on our programme in a month, so this is perfect for the run up to Christmas. We will provide all the food and snacks to the winner of the competition and also weekly weigh-ins and be on hand 24/7 giving support when needed.”

The Slimtuition programme has different plans that you can choose from to begin your weight loss. There’s Boot Camp, The Mad Plan, The 2+2 plan, The Lifestyle Plan, and The Downsizer – you choose which plan will suit you and your lifestyle. I have chosen Boot Camp this week. I will try another next week to keep things varied.

Lorraine and her team are trained counsellors as well as nutrition and healthy eating experts. So not only do you have someone monitoring your weight and eating habits, but also someone who is coming on your weight-loss journey; someone who understands how you are feeling.

It’s all based on eating nutritionally-balanced meals/soups/protein bars; two to three litres of water; little amounts of treats/alcohol – yes you can drink, but just a little bit. It’s a programme where your body burns your own fat stores for fuel; which is why Slimtuition gets results and fast.

Just answer this question… What does your body burn on the Slimtuition programme?


All answers to info@yummymummybeauty.com by Jan 31

For more info, log onto .www.slimtuition.com