Follow in the footsteps of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow (mind you Gwyn still looks gorgeous) and Gisele to help prevent the ageing process and rejuvenate skin…

That’s the advice from a leading beauty expert – take off the slap and you’ll look younger for longer.

Most women are well aware that they should take their make-up off at night before they go to sleep, to let skin breathe and repair itself as well as helping to remove toxins and help prevent premature ageing.

Waking up with last night’s make-up smeared under the eyes instantly ages the skin, without taking into consideration any potential long-term effects.


Reasons to remove your make-up…


Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.Skincare expert Rita Strazinska, founder of Bio2You Organic Seabuckthorn skincare (pictured), is urging women to go make-up free one day a week, for a minimum of 24 hours, to help protect the skin and allow it to rejuvenate without being weighed down by make-up.

Rita says: “Going make-up free can be difficult for many women, for whom it is a brave choice to go to work, take the kids to school or pop to the shops without a hint of make-up on.

“However, by opting to give skin a breather once a week, accompanied by a good skincare routine, women may find their self-confidence levels actually increase as they notice the condition of their skin improving, while the world has chance to appreciate their natural beauty.”

Rita is not alone in her way of thinking, as celebrity fans of a make-up free day a week are said to include Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele and Nicole Richie.

According to Rita, there are several key reasons why we should go make-up free once a week. These are:

1.   A clearer complexion: Allowing skin to breathe could mean a reduction in spots, blemishes and acne, as pores are cleansed from make-up. Make-up can also irritate the skin, leading to redness and allergic reactions.

2.   Go chemical free: For women who choose not to opt for natural and organic make-up, this means the skin is loaded with chemicals that are found in many brands. With worries about the side effects these chemicals (such as parabens) can have on the skin, it makes sense to give skin a rest from synthetic ingredients.

3.   Premature ageing: Even if we remove our make-up at night, it may still have a potentially ageing effect on the skin as it can promote oxidative stress (from the ingredients in the products) and increase levels of free radicals on the skin, which can in time lead to collagen breakdown.

4.   More time: The average woman spends around 20 minutes every morning putting on make-up. Going make-up free means you could enjoy an extra 20 minutes sleep or have more time to eat a healthy breakfast.

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.To help look your best without wearing make-up, Rita suggests investing in a good skincare routine containing organic and natural products.

A key part of the skincare routine should be exfoliating twice a week to promote a healthy glow. Bio2You’s Organic Seabuckthorn Facial Scrub (£19.95 for 100ml, pictured right) contains plant derived ingredients, vitamins and vegetable granules to gently exfoliate and purify the skin.

Other tips to follow include eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water to ensure skin is hydrated and nourished from the inside, out. Bio2You’s Organic Anti-Ageing Cream with Hyaluronic Acid (£24.95 for 50ml, pictured far right) also helps to hydrate the skin, whilst getting eight hours of sleep a night can help to decrease any puffiness or dark circles.

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About Bio2You

Seabuckthorn is a deciduous and spiny shrub, typically found growing in coastal locations, which produces vivid orange berries with a high nutritional content.  Seabuckthorn has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, and has a strengthening body of research supporting its use as a nutrient-rich topical skin treatment.

Containing more than 10 times the vitamin C of an orange, the presence of Seabuckthorn within the Bio2You range can help to promote collagen production, protect the skin’s cells and structure from UV-related damage, strengthen the skin’s barrier response and reduce inflammation.

Seabuckthorn also has applications as a treatment for burns, scalds, inflammation and infection.

Products in the Bio2You range were recently ‘commended’ in the 2013 FreeFrom Skincare Awards.  Visit for further information.