WE have a real coup for you this issue…

Recording artist, entre-preneur and star of Real Housewives of Vancouver 

Mary Zilba has given us an exclusive interview.

And she’s a real yummy mummy beauty… three teenage boys and looks to die for.

Plus she’s a writer, producer, record-ing artist, the star of Real Housewives of Vancouver and founder of Buff

Zilba is also the spokes-person for Amnesty Inter-national’s Canadian campaign and a tireless philanthropist. Whatever Mary does, she brings her creativity, enthusiasm, determination and commitment to the table.


Tell us about your beauty range? I created BUFF BEAUTY not only as a fun project for me, but mainly because so many women were asking me what I wear on my skin. I have always loved a “dewy” look with my make-up and feel it looks so much more youthful, so I decided to make a line that would be simple, easy to apply for even the novice make-up wearer and quick to apply for the busy mum.

My line consists of five star products a beautiful luminous foundation, cream blush (which duals as lip colour), an eye brightener, a deep brown eye liner that is suitable for everyone and a yummy vanilla lip gloss. The idea is to look natural and glowing. Our kits are amazing for the busy mom or student on the go and also is great for the tween or teenager as a starter kit!

How do you manage to look so good and yet you juggle a career and have three boys? I am very humbled by your kind words. I am ageing like everyone else and see things changing with my skin and body everyday. I think I am at a place in my life, where I am really comfortable with my insides, so I really don’t put so much emphasis on the outside any more. I think this is key to looking good!

It’s not easy juggling being a mother with a demanding career, but I always put my boys first. So if I have to go away or need to be out or away from them, I always make sure they understand that I am working for the betterment of our family and I truly want them to know that hard work can pay off. I am a bit of an over protective mother, sometimes to a fault I think, but they are my world and I know I am theirs for now. My number one role in life and objective has always been to take three little boys and help make them into three amazing men.

What ages are your boys? 19, 17 and 15

What is your advice to other working mums who sometimes struggle with demands of doing both jobs? My advice is really pretty basic. Be honest with your children and let them know that whether you need to work for income purposes or choose to work for self satisfaction, that they are always first in your priority. I am a true believer in showering my children with affection. We say “I love you” to each other at least 10 times a day and I cuddle them and “mommy” them so much despite their ages. What kids really want is love and attention. If you can’t give it all the time, at least set aside a bit of time to give them 100 per cent of your attention and tell them how much you love them.

What is your beauty regime? I have a pretty simple beauty regime and have been doing the same thing for about 20 years! I use a few star products that I can’t live without. I always use Cetaphil as my face cleanser and am a big proponent of lots of moisturizer. My fave is Creme De La Mer which is a bit pricey, but it’s my splurge because it works for me.

The other product I have been using for years is retinol. It is so important to always have cell turn over and it has always kept my skin in pretty good condition.

Give us a typical day in your life? LOL, I truly don’t have any “typical” days, they are all quite atypical to be honest! On week-day mornings however, I have a bit of a routine, whereby I am like any other mother getting my youngest up for school, packing his lunch and I driving him every day to school.

It’s been quite an adjustment for me this year, as my eldest son is in University in California and my middle son has graduated and is now working. Quite the change from getting three boys off to school in the morning.

Upon arriving home, I start to attack my day which consists of attending to my various businesses and of course working on my new music ventures.

My days are literally packed with meetings, phone calls, appointments but I always make time to get on social media to interact with my fans and friends.

I always keep my schedule clear at 3pm to pick up my son from school and have an hour with him afterwards to catch up. I try to make dinner for the boys at least four times a week, but on the days I can’t, we usually order in or go out. From time to time there are functions I am invited to attend in the evenings, so on the occasion I am away for those things, but all in all, I am a homebody and enjoy being at home.

What about diet? What do you eat in a day? I have always been a very healthy eater my entire life. I haven’t eaten red meat since I was around 17 years old and LOVE salad and veggies. I have never had a sweet tooth (thank the good Lord). I usually get up in the morning and have a coffee and yogurt, a salad for lunch and then protein for dinner. My favourite food is Lebanese cuisine, due to growing up with a Lebanese father and it’s so healthy for you

And exercise? Do you? And do you like it? I used to be a runner and would do the occasional weight training, but in the past few years, have become a full fledged YOGI! I found yoga and it has been a life saver for me.

It not only keeps me in shape, but it is has become my solace. The place where I go for an hour, turn my phone OFF and focus on me. It is truly so cleansing and gives me an opportunity to be 100 per cent in touch with my body. I absolutely recommend it for everyone,! In fact, I have a new line of yoga wear coming out in December called MAYA DEVI by Mary Zilba. (More on this, later this week). The line is absolutely beautiful and all pieces were designed by me.

What would your beauty tip be? Less is more. I don’t wear a lot of make-up as I think the more you wear, the older you look.

Did your mother give you any beauty advice? My mother always was so naturally beautiful and to this day wears so little make-up. Her beauty tip was never about outward appearance, it was always about shining from the inside out. She is the kindest person I have ever met and she insisted that her kids were as well.

What is your life ethos? The greatest joy in life is in ‘the giving’.

If you were on a desert island what one beauty treatment/product would you miss the most? WOW, tough question, but I’d have to say my Retin A.

More on Buff Beauty – Mary”s official makeup/beauty line which is now available for purchase on The Shopping Channel – tomorrow…