Two young Scottish mums have launched an app to allow you to track your beauty journey – and you can do it all at the touch of a button.

Best friends Stacy Munro and Jennifer Armstrong created the app to help record the progress of any treatments or procedures you are having.

Stacy said: “Myrror allows you to photograph and track any treatment you are doing so you can see skin/hair/body changes via a photo timeline. Each photo being timestamped and commented upon to capture your thoughts at that time.”

The app has two core functions:

  • Your Personal Progress Tracker – if undertaking any hair or beauty journey such as botox, fillers, teeth whitening/straightening, eyebrow/lash treatments, lipolysis etc, track your journey to ensure you are always in control and can see the changes, having the control and facts to tweak anything as needed.
  • Your Product Validation Tool – are you actually getting your money’s worth on the creams/moisturisers/collagen drinks etc that you are spending all your hard-earned cash on. Everyone is different and one thing that works on your friend may not work on you – so track it and prove it to ensure you are investing that hard-earned cash wisely.

Stacy continued: “An added benefit is that you can collaborate remotely – so for example, after you have had your semi perm make-up, you could send healing images for review, or images of your botox after two weeks for reference on how it has taken (so you can still collaborate with trusted professionals, even on lockdown).

The Zoom Boom term was coined to describe the dramatic increase in request for aesthetics following people staring at themselves on Zoom calls all day. Clinicians have estimated a 70% increase in enquiries. Likening this to the concept of ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’ shows the potential for a negative and skewed view of how individuals are perceiving themselves. Myrror is here to ensure individuals maintain control (and have a reference point other than Zoom!) to track and develop their look.

Stacy explained: “Myrror has been designed by users, for users.  It was inspired from personal experience of using the aesthetic industry and not feeling that there was individual control or direction needed to make evidence based decisions, and actually ensure hard earned cash wasn’t being frittered away.”

Myrror has a selection of pre existing categories including hair, face & dentistry to make it easy for you to set up your own personal profile, as well as the ability to create your own custom categories to make it truly personal.  You can track your progress through your beauty journey, with the ability to take photos, add comments and thoughts to each photo, creating a timeline.  Myrror has a dynamic split screen for you to accurately compare and contrast progress.  

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