What you need…

Models Own Snow White nail polish; Models Own Scarlet Sparkle nail polish; Models Own Green Tea nail polish; Models Own Sterling Silver Champagne nail polish; Models Own Jack Frost Wonderland nail polish; Models Own Mirrorball Dancing Queen nail polish; Models Own Nail Art Pen in Gold; Scotch Magic Tape; Scissors; Base Coat; Top Coat; Tweezers; Clean up brush

1. Prepare some narrow 3mm wide strips, and some triangular wedges of tape using a sharp pair of scissors. Rest the edge of the strips on the edge of a clean object so that they can be easily picked up later.

2. Apply a base coat and leave to dry. Apply a coat of white polish to each nail, except for the index finger. Apply a coat of silver nail varnish to the index nail.

3. When the base colour is as dry as possible (at least a few minutes beyond touch dry) arrange the strips diagonally on the white nails. Use the triangular wedges to mask the silver nail, leaving a tree shaped space.

4. Paint over the white nails using a sparkly red polish, one at a time, removing the Scotch Magic Tape after you have painted each nail. This will leave you with a festive candy cane design.

5. Paint over the silver nail on the index finger using a green polish to create the Christmas tree design and remove the Scotch Magic Tape once the nail is painted.

6. Take a gold nail art pen to create gold baubles at the end of each tier on the Christmas tree.

7. Use a cocktail or orange stick to fish out two diamond pieces of glitter from the Models Own Dancing Queen polish and place on top of each other in a star formation at the top of the tree.

8. Once dry, apply a coat of Models Own ‘Jack Frost’ to the candy cane nails to add a bit of sparkle to them.

9. Leave until touch dry and then apply a top coat to all nails. If necessary, you can dip a small makeup brush into acetone and use this to clean up around the nail to create clean smooth lines.

10. Admire the finished look!


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