Stay safe

Every mummy knows how to protect the kids from the sun, but what about your sun-safe routine? Do you know the right products to keep your whole body protected and looking good as the weather gets warmer? Consultant dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe takes us through a few of the new products you will need for the best before-during-and-after routine.

BEFORE: Try Ectoin pure Active (£12.50) which is ideal for preparing the skin before it’s exposed to the sun. The idea is that it increases the skin’s immune defences and reduces the huydration you’ll suffer if you’re out on a hot day. Put it on three days before the sun. Available from

DURING: The Tanning Cake SPF15 (£22) is a great little handbag standby for a warm day. It has natural protective filters but it also gives you that sun-touched glow too. And don’t forget to protect your hair – Davines SU Sun Oil (£20.80, is great for ensuring that your hair colour doesn’t fade in the sun.

AFTER: Fight the fade with Xen-Tan Scent Secure Gold (£26.99, which can deepen your self-tan but also prolong a sun tan too.


Pretty pastels

And don’t forget your eyes and nails want a piece of the sun too – and we think some of the new products in the BD range at Tesco are just right.

The new shadows come in delicate shades of Chantilly, Parisienne Peach and Lavender Mist – perfect for a spring/summer vibe. And they are just £3.75 each so you can chuck a couple in with the weekly shop without too much of a guilt factor.

Abby Ireland, a make-up and beauty consultant for Tesco, told that Parisian Peach is hot on trend for the summer.

“Chantilly is also a great edition to the BD range as it is a perfect high lighting tone,” she said. “and Lavender Mist can be used for brightening the eyes as well as adding a trendy pastel to your spring look.” Check out spring nails and Ed’s blog.




The dark side

This summer fake tan lovers will be pleased to hear that Superdrug has announced plans to launch a new fake tan – with the darkest brown shade ever. TV programmes such as The Only Way is Essex, MTV’s Geordie Shore and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, have all fuelled the appetite for darker shades of fake tan.

Previously tanning lovers have had to visit expensive spray tanning salons to get a really dark shade to their tan, but now Superdrug’s launch offers an at home solution.

Superdrug’s Solait Dark Tan range, available in a lotion or a foam (£6.99), offers ultra concentrated levels of DHA – Dihydroxyacetone, the active ingredient that gives skin a tanned colour. DHA is not a dye or a stain but its application onto the skin causes a chemical reaction with the free amino acids in the proteins on the skin to change its colour.

New Solait Dark Tan offers twice the concentration of Superdrug’s previous darkest shade of Solait tan.

Bonnie Rose, Superdrug Fake Tan Buyer said: “Last year we found that customers were leaving their tan on longer to develop in the hope they would get the deepest tan possible.  This year we’ve taken that on board and included our highest ever concentration of tanning ingredients to give an unprecedented deep dark shade.”