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Well that’s January out of the way already, where did that month go?  I hope your had a great month and are getting some good results with your new diets that I spoke about last month. It’s been a very busy month here at Ollie Lawrence Personal Trainer Manchester, I’ve been getting everyone back in the gym after their Christmas breaks, many of my clients (including Dishy Daddy Steve) decided to have a ‘holiday’ because I wasn’t there to push them and help them with their goals, hence a little bit of weight gain from everyone including myself! However not to worry, everyone’s back on track now.

This February’s blog is all about the other side of health. I’m going to advise about exercise and fitness and how to burn fat more successfully by training smart.

The topic is high intensity interval training (HITT), you may of heard about this style of exercise across the different media platforms recently as it seems to be the new thing for 2014. However HITT isn’t a new concept and has been around a long time within the industry. Why HITT training is so popular is because undertaking it shreds fat fast and more effectively in less time, rather than ploughing away doing boring steady state cardio.

Most clients I work with tell me about their current exercise levels when they have their initial consultation, I can almost guarantee that they do what I call steady state exercise, for example this is doing cardio vascular (CV) exercise such as a treadmill or rowing machine at the same speed and the same intensity for 20-30 minutes.

You will not lose weight doing this; all you’re doing is wasting time and building frustration! In my opinion I’d hazard a guess at 70-80% gym members completely waste their time doing their training. You can get the same results doing just 5 minutes of HITT as you can from a 90 minute steady state run on a treadmill.


What Is HIIT and more importantly what’s the science behind it ?

HIIT is a form of interval training that involves short bursts of maximum intensity exercise separated by longer periods of low or resting exercise, for example 20 seconds at 100 per cent  maximum effort sprint then 30 seconds rest. There are many different approaches to HIIT, each involving different numbers of high and low intensity intervals, including different lengths of time for each interval, different numbers of training sessions per week and different levels of resistance. When doing this type of training you always need to be mixing things by changing distances, rest times and resistance levels.

The higher the heart rate is the more benefits you will gain including cardiovascular fitness and increased fat loss. As this type of exercise involves pushing yourself beyond the upper end of your maximum exercise zone, it offers you several advantages that traditional steady state exercise can’t provide.

Some benefits of HIIT Training

• HIIT training conditions both your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, this is used by athletes in non-endurance sports to promote strength, speed and power.

• HIIT increases the amount of calories you burn during your exercise session and it is proved to continually burn more calories in the following 24 hours afterwards as it increases the length of time it takes your body to recover from each exercise session, furthermore putting your body in a state of ‘shock’ thus your heart is working harder as it never gets used to doing the same boring thing.

• HIIT causes metabolic adaptations that enable you to use more fat as fuel under a variety of conditions. This will improve your athletic endurance as well as your fat-burning potential. Scientific studies show that HIIT appears to limit muscle loss that can occur with weight loss, in comparison to traditional steady-state cardio exercise of longer duration.

You can do variations of HITT with any exercises, it’s just a style of training. For example you could do body weight exercises such as press up or shoulder press and use the same template 20 seconds worth of exercise, then 20 seconds off and repeat, this is all the HIIT style of training, you don’t specifically need a rowing machine or expensive gym machines. Here is a training programme designed that you can do within your house with hardly any equipment at all. I’ve wrote this in a HITT style.

Exercise 1: Body Weight

Exercise 2: Shoulder Lunges

Exercise 3: Press Ups

Exercise 4: Reverse Squats

Exercise 5: Reverse Flyes


Exercise 6: Stair Runs

All of these exercises are to be performed with empty milk bottle containers or plastic bottles, with milk or plastic bottles you can decide how much weight you want to add to them by simply adding water. Every exercise should be done individually and I want 20 seconds work with 20 seconds rest time between sets. I want 6-8 sets on each exercise. So you’ll be working for 20 seconds, rest for 20 seconds then back to work again for 20 seconds 6-8 times each exercise. This will take approximately 3-4 minutes per exercise, equalling 24 minutes in total.

The last exercise is stair runs, adding a mixture of cardio and weights will not only burn fat very effectively but you will see improved muscle tone and high levels of strength.

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Disclaimer: The advice and information contained within this document may not be appropriate for all individuals; it is designed to help you to overcome your sticking points when trying to achieve your goals. Therefore the author is not responsible for any health conditions that may result from information retained within this document. The information contained in this document are the opinions of the author and not designed to replace medical advice, you should consult a physician before undertaking any diet or exercise programme.