By Laura Davidson

It’s no secret that embarking on motherhood for the first time is quite a journey – but it can also turn out to be a fair old jaunt for junior too.

New research carried out by found that the average baby travels more than 800 miles in their first six months of life – that’s the equivalent of going from London to the south of France.

And while that does include all modes of transport, it still factors in a lot of pavement pounding in the pushchair.

It’s no surprise then that on average at least one pram or pushchair is sold every single minute on the UK’s favourite online auction site.

Of the parents questioned by eBay to mark the extension of their Baby and Toddler range, a whopping 73 per cent said that they preferred to have a staycation in the UK while their babies were young, with just 27 per cent of new parents happy to board a plane for their hols.

It was the study on modes of transport, however, that struck a chord with us here at YummyMummyBeauty towers.

One third of parents (31 per cent) said they’d avoid the bus at all costs when travelling with their little one.

As a mum who has been refused entry to several busses because the driver decided there wasn’t enough room for my pram, the statistics didn’t come as much of a surprise. Bus companies, take note.

The site also asked parents about travel accessories and found that a simple trip out to the shops can involve mums taking up to 10 items with them. Yup, that’s why we all carry sacks like Santa and have arms like Popeye.

It’s not all bad though, having to lug all that stuff around could be just the excuse you need to log on and go shopping for a funky new changing bag.


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