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What’s your perfume personality?

Are you fruity, floral or spicy? We have scents for you to choose from…

Fruit and citrus… Fruity fragrances are light, easy to wear and perfect for the day time. These often citrusy scents tend to contain notes of refreshing zingy fruits, lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange blossom, and can be sharp or soft depending on the fragrance.  

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Fresh and Floral These beautiful, feminine and romantic scents are like an English garden in summer. Whether a mixed bouquet or single scent, floral fragrances are fresh and often contain a hint of fruit for depth. Rose, peony and freesia are the most popular choices for a floral perfume.

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Spicy and Oriental These fragrances are warm, exotic, rich and heady. Usually with a mix of amber, musk, vanilla and cinnamon, spicy scents are stronger and long lasting for the evenings or occasions. The strength and depth of these fragrances make them suitable for both perfume and aftershave.  

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Rich and Woody These woody, musky and masculine scents of clove and sandalwood are deep, rich and perfect for men. Female versions are made with a base of cedar and softened with floral hints.  

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 How to test fragrance

  • When trying new perfumes, don’t spray on paper strips, spray on to pulse points and allow an hour to develop
  • Sniffing coffee beans after testing a fragrance helps clear the scent and allows you to smell the next scent clearly

How to apply your fragrance

  • Spray on pulse points- wrists, base of throat as these are the areas that produce heat.
  • Or spritz in to the air and walk through the mist for all over coverage

Look after your fragrance

  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • You can keep up to 5 years, after that the fragrance may start to fade
  • Never spray on pearls as it can damage their surface