She’simgres just lovely, isn’t she?

A vision of growing old gracefully. There’s no fillers, smoothers, puffers, added-fat, lifts and tucks. But there’s still a twinkle in that eye.

She is what we should be aiming for in our sixties and seventies – golden glamour that stands the test of time.

Forget the young girls who are already signing up for surgery or the Hollywood actresses that don’t look a day older than they were 10 years ago – real beauty is about keeping it real. And most of us live in the real world.

Let’s face it, how many of us have the cash to keep getting botox and little fillers for lips and eyes – costing hundreds of pounds to last maybe four months anyway? It would be a treat – if that’s what you wanted – but it’s not really sustainable unless you have a budget just for beauty.

picture_client_format_3_708d64What’s great about Helen Mirran is that she does – and yet she CHOOSES the real look of beauty and elegance. And we at yummymummybeauty love her for it.

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