Origins New Powerful Lifting Cream Visibly Lifts and Firms Aging Skin, £59


Given the ever-present trend of consumers wanting to look younger there is an increasing demand for powerful anti-ageing products.

Origins has created Plantscription™ Powerful lifting cream, a high-performing plant-powered formula that works deep within the skin’s surface to help visibly lift and revolumize skin, ultimately restoring youthful facial definition.

These benefits are vital to visibly reversing the attributes associated with aging today. In fact, the Association for Psychological Science reports that facial attractiveness is commonly identified by defined structural qualities of the face*, which are diminished as skin ages.

Modern research has proven that aging leads to a slackening of facial contours and the appearance of sagging skin. Over time, skin naturally produces less collagen and elastin, which are essential to maintaining firmness, elasticity and pliability.

Volume naturally deteriorates resulting in the loss of dimension and contours. With age, skin’s complex support architecture weakens and leads to the appearance of sagging skin with loss of definition. Lifting skin is essential to restoring these youthful facial contours.

As of late, some Asian countries have started to identify the appearance of youth by the presence of heart-shape facial definition. Characteristics of this youthful look include plump cheeks, a defined chin line, and smooth, firm skin. Heart-shape facial definition can be created on any face shape by lifting sagging skin, restoring youthful definition and plumping skin.

Plantscription™ Powerful lifting cream is formulated with powerful ingredients that support natural collagen and elastin, creating a visibly firmer, more lifted look along with the appearance of a slimmer and sharper chin. The new emollient-rich moisturising cream also works to boost moisture, pushing out folds and depressions to redefine youthful contours of the face, soften marionette lines, and give the appearance of volume where it has been lost.

In a clinical study, 92% of panelists using Plantscription™ Powerful lifting cream showed visibly lifted and re-contoured skin in just two weeks.

Powered by plant derivatives, Plantscription™ Powerful lifting cream is clinically proven to:


• Restore youthful definition by delivering 69% improvement of overall lift and 47% improvement of lift in jowl area

• Plump up skin to help create the modern ‘heart-shape’

• Restore volume and definition to sagging skin

• Deliver firmer and tighter looking skin within 4 weeks

• Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles within 2 weeks

• Boosts skin’s barrier strength by 68%

• Immediately boosts skin’s moisture levels by 71% to provide rich, age-correcting hydration

• Soften appearance of marionette lines



Plantscription™ Powerful Lifting Cream is available from 14th February 2014 at select department stores and via


Origins products are formulated WITHOUT:

Parabens ● Phthalates ● Propylene Glycol ● Mineral Oil ● PABA ● Petrolatum

Paraffin ● DEA ● Animal Ingredients (except cruelty-free honey and beeswax)

Origins tests its products on volunteer panels. For more information visit: