tana smilePregnant with her fifth child Tana Ramsay, famously married to chef Gordon, who also writes her own recipe books and is owner of salon All About The Girl, took time out of her busy day to give yummymummybeauty readers her beauty tips


What inspired you to set up the salon? Tell us a little bit about it?

We have lived in Wandsworth for years and during that time I have gone to a selection of salons specialising in different treatments, but there wasn’t one that you could go to for everything from hair, nails, waxing, facials and massages… and with everyone’s time getting ever more precious, I thought that it would be great to combine everything from something quick to something indulgent – it’s ‘All about the Girl”!

Northcote Road has developed beyond recognition since we have known it and has a wonderful selection of restaurants, independent shops and businesses. Being between the Commons, (Clapham and Wandsworth) it is full of families and young professionals, so it still has a “villagey” feel, so I thought that it would be a wonderful place to be located – and we are loving it!

Is one of the reasons because you have daughters and know how important beauty is for them?

For me, it is not so much about beauty, but about giving people a little bit of time for themselves … our lives are all so hectic nowadays, I think it is important to be able to have somewhere that they can go for the monthly “maintenance treatments” but more importantly somewhere that they come to treat themselves too!

Which is why when we were developing our ‘loyalty points’ scheme, we spoke to our clients who all wanted a simple system that could be easily redeemed with a selection from our range of treatments.

What beauty tip did you pick up from your own mother?

My mother has a wonderful natural beauty and always told me to invest in a good moisturizer and to always use sunblock on your face – both of which I always try and do!

What is your favourite beauty range ?

At the salon we have a selection of gorgeous brands that we work with from Decleor, Cowshed, Moroccan Oil, Leighton Denny, Sienna X, and Mama Mio, all of which I love.

The Skinceuticals range has made a huge difference to my skin, after my children were born I struggled with pigmentation and it really helps with that – I do think that different stages of our lives mean that it is important to adapt our skincare regime to meet those needs.

What is your beauty routine/regime?

I know that as I get older I need to be more regimented in my approach!! I do love Moroccan Oil to help tame my curls and you can’t beat a relaxing bath hair mask and body scrub – Divine!

What is your secret to looking so good after having four children and juggling family life with working ?

I think that every working mother is constantly trying to balance the ‘juggle’ and I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I would say that I do encourage them to be more independent with their organisation, so I am not constantly running around chasing sports kits and school bags!

What is your tip to getting the family/work balance right? So many of us mums feel guilty when we’re working. What advice would you give?

This is the eternal question for all mothers I think, and I certainly don’t profess to have the answers. All families are different, so what works for one will not necessarily work for another – for me, it is trying to find the happy balance that works for you and your family whatever choices you have made.

Would you ever consider a nip/tip or do you prefer the non-surgical treatments or will you go forever natural?

I think that there is a lot to be said for growing old gracefully. BUT at the salon, we do CACI non-surgical facials which are painless and ‘re-educate’ the facial muscles to great effect. They have been very popular with clients who have been very impressed with the results, so you never know, but at the moment for me, it’s all about prevention!!

What about the exercise/healthy eating debate? What would you sayto busy mums on why they should try to be healthy?

I think that we probably all have the best of intentions about trying to be good all the time – I can never quite manage it – but have happily settled for trying to be quite good during the week and then treating myself at the weekends! We do owe it to ourselves and our families to be healthy, but there is always room for a treat – usually Walker’s Sensations!

Where do you get time to exercise?
I find that the mornings work best for me – I really enjoy that time of day just as the day is starting to get going. I sometimes run with my eldest daughter which is lovely as we get to chat and I keep updated on all her news which is important when you have a teenage daughter- although getting up at 6am can be a challenge!

We have a section to nominate a yummy mummy of the month, do you have anyone you would nominate?

I can’t nominate one yummy mummy I’m afraid purely because I know so many brilliant ones – generally I think that as soon as you become a mummy you no longer put yourself first … and that makes all mummies pretty special!