SMLiveImage4We went to see the International psychic and star of hit TV show Psychic Sally: On the Road last weekend.

Sally has dedicated her life to exploring the work of spirit and her live show aims to give validation that our loved ones still exist.

The show is not about a belief system; it is simply about trusting spirit and identifying the signs that are all around us.

Thousands of people have been drawn to Sally’s vivacious personality, which gives the show a relaxed and uplifting feel. Her ability to pass on messages from spirit with incredible accuracy leaves audiences completely astounded.

And we were pretty impressed. I have always been open to the idea of people having a psychic ability – I don’t mock it but I also wouldn’t live my life by it either. Her show is very interactive and she was relaxed and friendly when she appeared on stage.

She comes out with names and people put their hands up in the names or situations she starts talking about relate to them. Then, once the people are talking to Sally, she seems to be able to hone in on them and find out more.

Sally was very kind and gentle with the subject of people missing loved ones and always brought some humour in to lighten the mood.

It was two hours of amazement, tears and laughter. A treat.


Her background

During the 1960’s when Sally grew up, the work of mediums and psychics was not as accessible as it is today. Many spiritualists say that March 31, 1848 marked the true birth of their movement when two young sisters, Kate & Margaret Fox from New York reported they had connected with the spirit of a murdered salesman in their house.

They began demonstrating this phenomenon, making public appearances and eventually developed a travelling psychic show, which took them across Europe and America.

But it was in 1978 when a lady named Doris Stokes appeared on The Don Lane Show during a visit to Australia that really changed to way people looked at their work. In the wave of interest that followed her appearance, she played to sold-out audiences at the Sydney Opera House three times. This public appearance of her ability bought the work of mediums to the masses. Many have said that Sally has done for the 21st Century what Doris did for the 20th Century; revolutionising the perception of their work. Sally’s down to earth, warm and vivacious personality has attracted a whole new audience to the spiritual world.

She has had a troubled family time recently, but like all of us, she was able to mention some of that – revealing a vulnerable side to her personality.

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