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Pyjama party

Ok, so you may not go to bed looking like this – God most of us never have time to look like this when we’re going out – but ‘staying in is the new going out’ when we’re waiting on pay day.

So why not gather the girls – and kids if you can’t get a babysitter together, pop open a few bottles of the bubbly stuff and hold a pyjama party in the frugal comfort of your own home?

Or why not host a ‘onesy party’ and invite all your friends to wear theirs and get painting nails, mixing cocktails and dancing to ABBA.

And the night need not be without style; Sleep-In Rollers’ gorgeous hot pink Pyjamas will guarantee a look as glamorous as ever, as will their sassy Sleepover Set.

From heavenly hair brushes to glitzy glitter rollers, there are plenty more stylish ways to have a night out, in.


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Eating out at home…

And sticking with the staying at home theme – here’s some yummy ideas for the best barbecue…

National BBQ week runs from the 28 May – 03 June 2013 and marks the start of a long, hot – hopefully! – summer filled with alfresco cooking and, more importantly, eating. To celebrate we have put together a selection of recipes that should really get things sizzling!

Sweet Eve Strawberry, Prosecco, Campari, Elderflower and Mint Cocktail – Start your BBQ off in style with this summery strawberry cocktail.

Greek Style Radish & Mint Dip – This refreshing radish dip can be served with bread sticks, toasted pittas and crudités and is perfect to snack on whilst the BBQ heats up.

The main event…

Lamb & Sweetfire® Beetroot Burgers with Feta – Try these lamb burgers with a twist. The Sweetfire beetroot goes perfectly with the crumbly sharp feta and gives the burger a nice spicy kick.

Pink Lady Apple and BBQ Pork Kebabs – These succulent skewers are ideal for the barbie. Coated in a tangy mango and tomato glaze, all that’s needed is a few flatbreads and shredded leaves to finish the meal.

BBQ Fillet of Hake with Caramelised Shallots, Roast Beets and a Garden Pea Dressing – Want a change from the usual BBQ fare? This can be prepared beforehand and just popped on the BBQ when you’re ready.

On the side…

Marcus Bean’s BBQ Beef and asparagus salad with honey dressing, radishes and cherry tomatoes – Beef with the sweet honey dressing, fresh radishes and lovely red cherry tomatoes. Seasonal, fresh colourful, healthy and very tasty!

Herby BBQ Shallots with Shallot, Tomato and Herb Dressing – These two dishes make a great accompaniment to any BBQ – The BBQ Shallots beat your average fried onions hands down and the dressing is delicious slathered on sausages and burgers.

BBQ British Asparagus with Gremolata – A simple and tasty side, the citrus Italian condiment lifts the British asparagus to new levels and with almost no cooking required it couldn’t get much easier to knock up this fantastic dish.

Quinoa Salad with Feta, Tenderstem and Pomegranate – Quinoa is a super healthy substitute to couscous or bulgur wheat. This simple salad is bursting with freshness and flavour, the perfect BBQ side dish.

Russian beetroot, radish and potato salad – This delicious salad combines radishes, potato and beetroot as well as slices of boiled egg and chopped gherkin in a mayonnaise sauce. Great on its own or as an accompaniment to your barbequed food.

To finish…

Sweet Eve Strawberry Trifle – The perfect end to any BBQ is this stunning trifle – packed full of summer flavours, everyone will be coming back for a second helping.

Pink Lady Carpaccio with Chilli, Lime Syrup & Fresh Mint – A super healthy and light pudding, great on a hot summer’s day.

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