All at yummymummybeauty HQ are saying a fond farewell to our colleague and deputy editor Tara Adamson, pictured below right, who has left our webmag to take her beauty career in a different direction.

Tara has been a great colleague and has been a ‘mine of information’ when it comes to all things beauty… finding new and IMG_08241-e1371136380797-83x150.jpgunusual things to try and write about. She has been with the mag for three years; and has done a fantastic job. We will miss her vibrant enthusiasm and constant interest to find new and improved lotions and potions.

She especially loves her mascara and skin care creams – but there’s not much she hasn’t tried in her time with us. And of course, she is fabulously gorgeous in every way.

We wish Tara every luck in the world in her new venture.

DSC09752_HDR_2edited_150x150_scaled_cropp.jpgOur Dishy Daddy Steve King is our new Deputy Editor and you can join half the world and follow him on twitter…

We will also be taking on a new writer Rebecca McKercher, who will be specialising in younger make-up and skincare. She’s just 18! And our yummymummybeauty model Anna Rahn will be reporting on what’s hot and what’s not from Germany.

Also look out for our new shop… every type of cosmetic you could ever want at the touch of a button. Have a great festive time everyone and see you in the New Year.

Elaine x