main_group_shot-The story of ishga…

The name is derived from the Gaelic word for water. The Hebrides has some of the cleanest waters in the world where we hand harvest seaweed to produce the 100 per cent organic ingredients for our skincare range.

Hebridean seaweed contains natural anti-oxidants that have anti-ageing properties to help protect the skin.

Ishga products work on every skin type by harnessing the potent powers of the purest Scottish seaweed.

They use water from a historical Hebridean healing spring in the manufacture of the products. The spring used is situated in a beautiful remote location among the hills and lochs on the Hebridean Isle of Lewis.


The products

me 2Now when it comes to a new moisturiser, I am extremely fussy. Having spent a decade of trying different lotions and potions, it takes a really good one to turn my head.

I have tried expensive prototypes, organic chemical free ones, budget ones and well you kind of get the picture. So when I was asked to try ishga – made from Scottish seaweed, my mind was open.

And now I’m a convert.

Not since the amazing Eternal Aloe moisturiser, have I loved a product so much. I am using it sparingly as I don’t want to run out – ever.

I love, love, it.

I was sent a good part of the whole range – The Active Cleansing Lotion, Regenerating Face Serum, Hebridean Marine Toner and anti-oxidant Marine Cream.

It’s not so much part of my routine but my only routine. I love the way my skin feels after I have cleansed and toned, and that’s before I spread the moisturiser all over. Well priced and extremely luscious… time for a Christmas treat.