Honey, I shrunk my waist! 

By Inge Morrill



Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, £65 – £75, PURE Spa & Beauty, Lothian Road, Edinburgh


When I was asked to road test Tibby Olivier’s inch loss treatment, I jumped at the chance. The body wrap works by Lipolysis, a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat.

Having a classic apple body type, I knew just which area I was hoping to lose my inches from. I’d read so many differing accounts from women who had tried it and loved it or by a few medics arguing that it couldn’t possibly work.

Ok, it did sound a tiny bit too good to be true – a quick, effortless way to break down fat in problem areas with the power to drop a dress size. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to give it a try!

So with these thoughts running through my mind, I headed to PURE Spa & Beauty on Edinburgh’s, Lothian Road; a stylish oasis of calm, on a rainy Friday morning. My lovely therapist Nadine, prepared me for my Wrap session and talked me through the process.

Firstly, I was dry brushed all over to stimulate the circulation, then detailed measurements were taken from my legs up to my neck. I would recommend choosing this option, so you can chart exactly how much you lose during the treatment.

Nadine then massaged in the Tibby Olivier oil, a Jojoba and Grapeseed blend containing fragrant Lavender, Cypress and Juniper oils plus an active ingredient to give cellulite the heave-ho. I was then wrapped tightly in Wrapture, a specially prepared non-plastic film, from mid calf up to my shoulders.

At this stage, manoevering into a lying position while wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy is a fairly comical experience, but with help, I managed to get onto the heated bed for my allocated hour, while the oils, wrap and warmth worked their magic.

The cost of the treatment included a wonderfully pampering facial using REN products tailored to skin type plus a relaxing head massage.

When my time was up, after remeasuring I was thrilled to find I had lost a total of 8 inches from all over my body! This included an impressive three inches from my waist (yay!), two inches from my hips, the remaining three  inches were added up from areas over my torso and limbs. This sounds like a lot, but it seems to be a pretty average loss from this treatment, with some people even losing a few more inches than this, but some it should be said from reading internet reviews using other wrap systems, losing less.

I didn’t feel uncomfortably itchy or sticky afterwards and it was recommended that I leave the oil on my skin until the following morning, as the formula keeps on working for another 72 hours.

You will definitely know this to be a fact, as you’ll be weeing for Britain! It was recommended to drink at least a litre of water over the next few days to further flush the system. My skin felt amazingly soft too, which has reminded me to make time to dry brush of a morning.

For me, this Shrinking Violet wrap had fantastic instant results and as a springboard its certainly helped me get back on the track to a slimmer me. And two weeks later – has it stayed off? Well yes, it has, I still feel trimmer but I’ve been working at it and this would seem to be the key to success. A course of 6 – 8 sessions is recommended to further reduce fat stores and this combined with exercise and healthy eating can bring optimum results. Not bad for a few hours of lying down!