simonSimon Mills is our new yummy mummy beauty columnist – and is bringing his expertise in the hair industry to our well-read pages.

Simon, is the director at Essensuals in Bramhall, and has an eight-year-old daughter and started hairdressing at the age of 16.

He has worked in many salons across Cheshire, been part of many photo shoots that have been shown in top magazines. He has also helped out at London Fashion Week as well as volunteering his skills for numerous charity events, such as Runway On The Runway – in aid of make a wish and teenage cancer trust.

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Getting the best from your hairdresser

Summer is only around the corner, our holidays are booked so now all we have to do is get beach ready… which includes a trip the salon.

This is also the time of year when lots of women are ready for a change to feel a little bit better about themselves after the loooooong  winter. It may be growing your hair, going shorter ,adding different colour tones or even going more natural but hey your hairdresser will sort it out right?

This month I’m going to give you bits of advice on getting the most out of your hairdresser.

As a hairdresser myself, I have lots of women coming to me for the first time because they have left their current hairdresser as they “always do the same” and they would like a change and some fresh advice. Look at Katie Holmes – she recently went for the chop and is really rocking the look.

This is understandable as so many times I’ve worked with hairdressers and watched them sit their clients down and say “ the usual” or worst still, sent their clients straight to the backwash to get them shampooedwhich is fine by the way if your hairdresser knows you well enough as a client to assume you will want “ the usual”.

For those of you who haven’t yet maintained that relationship with your hairdresser this isn’t good enough.

imagesMost of you like your hairdresser that’s why you keep on going back so if this happens let them know that actually you would like a chat about your hair first.

They will prefer to keep you as a client than to have you go elsewhere, and a good hairdresser should always ask you a few key questions regardless of whether you usually just have a trim or not.

1. How have you managed with your hairstyle?

 2. How about the highlights, are you happy with the tones? 

3. Is there anything you would like to change?

4. I would recommend.. .as it would really suit your face shape, skin tone etc…

I also have lots of clients that think they are offending me when they bring in pictures. I love clients to bring in pictures as it gives me a more accurate idea of what my clients are thinking with regards to their hair.

I have clients that say they want “one layer” which doesn’t exist, and clients that ask for red highlights but really mean gold or copper!  (I get it, you’re not hairdressers) So don’t be afraid of taking in as many examples of hair styles you want, it will be appreciated, (as long as your realistic). Also don’t feel like your being pressured to hurry when you have a consultation, you are paying for their time.  

The best thing to do is mention when you book your appointment that you would like to go over a few ideas and ask if you should arrive a few minutes earlier, most of us hairdressers will be happy to oblige!

I hope this advice helps those of you who have experienced any of these issues and those of you looking for a new hairdresser.  

Till next month stay yummy…..